7 reasons to visit New Caledonia

7 reasons to visit New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a French collectivity located in the Southwest of Pacific. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is included in almost all the cruises to Australia. It is the best place for sea lovers. The waters are filled with corals. One does not need visa to visit New Caledonia. They accept Australian dollars and US dollars. Many Traveljournal describe the place as Paradise of the earth. This is mainly because the place is filled with lagoons, waterfalls, cliffs, white sand and crystal clear turquoise blue waters.

There are several reasons to visit New Caledonia. Here are a few

Crystal clear water

The sea water here is of a rare unique blue color. It is called the turquoise blue. The water is completely transparent. Even at 50 feet depth, one can spot a fish at the sea bed. The view of the sea water from the cliffs along the coasts are simply the best. There are underwater caves that are filled with fresh water that are 60 feet deep. Many scientists have mentioned that there are too many hidden scientific facts in these caves

Diverse Nature

The place has every type of landform. There are mountains, beaches, rivers, lakes, caves, volcanos, cliffs, etc. This allows it to support innumerous activities. Scientists explain in Traveljournal and science magazines that the diversity of the island is mainly because it is situated along the ring of fire stretch. These are delicate demarcations between the tectonic plates.

Therefore, the number of activities in the region is also more. There are trekking, mountain biking, scuba diving, river rafting, skiing, para gliding, bungee jumping, etc. There are also horse rides. Hiking can be very well enjoyed. Choose the path according to likes and capability. Some love to walk through forest and some others love to climb mountains. Every type of nature lover has his choice fulfilled in New Caledonia.


Usually the summers are crowdy as many cruises visit New Caledonia during this time. If one hates hot climate, avoid visiting between November and February. As it is located in the southern hemisphere, their seasons are different. Their climate is similar to that of Australian climate. Travel magazines like traveljournal suggest that the best time to visit New Caledonia is between March and November. One can also avoid visiting between December and February as there are tropical cyclones during these months.

Top activities in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a ‘Jewel of the Pacific’. There are lot of water sporting activities that are exclusively best suited to be enjoyed on coral reefs. Here are some of those activities that can be enjoyed only in New Caledonia thoroughly

Scuba Diving

The following are the best scuba diving spots in New Caledonia:

  1. Illot Canard
  2. Amedee Island – The island is spotted with a light house. Here the Amedee diving club offers scuba diving. The divers here speak French more fluently.
  3. Lagoon of Poe
  4. Hienghne
  5. Grand Terre – The Barrier Reef in this island is the second largest in the world after the Great Barrier reef. The place is rich in bio – diversity. It supports dugongs, sharks and turtles. There are colorful fishes.


Snorkeling is the most common sport activity in the island. The tourists can just pick a pair of snorkel glasses in the sea shore and enter the waters. There is not even a single point in New Caledonia where the water is deep. Hence, the safety of every visitor is assured.

The following are the best places to snorkel in New Caledonia:

  1. Duck Island
  2. Tamounou reef – The reef has underwater tunnels. This makes the snorkeling experience unique. These tunnels are formed as a result of erosion of sea water. Do not miss the floating restaurant while visiting Tamonou reef.
  3. Lemon Bay – This is best suited for those who are on their family vacation. The bay consists of small lagoons that are rented to families separately. This provides greater privacy and better enjoyment.
  4. Largnere islets – These are in Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia.
  5. Jokin cliff – the cliff stands in the water. It is completely surrounded by water without shore line. One can spot the base of the cliff that is 50 feet deep through the water. The waters are pristine and crystal clear adding to the beauty of the cliff.
  6. Isle of Pine – This island is at a 4-hour boat ride from Noumea. It does belong to New Caledonia. The island is known for its natural pools


The Bourail region of New Caledonia is best suited for surfing. March, April and May are the best months to surf in the island. There are also windsurfing and kite surfing. As the land is narrow, the experiences of these activities are totally different.


Dumbea river offers kayaking. One can also enjoy kayaking in the Blue river national park. Kayaking as a family always increases the bond and is fun filled

Mountain biking

Bourail is the absolute spot for mountain biking. The paths are 40 km long. It offers more than 20 biking paths.

Apart from sport activities the place also has culture centers, museums for explorers and learners. Tjibaou cultural centre displays art and traditions of the Kanak population. Traveljournal mentions that the Kanak population consists of the primitive dwellers of the island.

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