A guide to buying the best green drinks

A guide to buying the best green drinks

Choosing a green drink can be a daunting task bearing in mind that, in the modern-day at the time, there is a variety of them and the industry is growing very fast with over 5 billion dollars every year. In today’s world, it has become a trend to walk around holding a bottle of a shaker filled with a green drink. Whether you have mixed it with a green drink or grinding it at your home, you will be adding to the growth of the industry.

When you talk about the green drink powder, there are several superfoods in the market and thus, it might be hard for you to choose one among the many. That is why it is important to know the essential things you should consider before settling for the best one. When you are choosing a green drink, the following are some of the factors that you will need to consider:

The three factors that you will need to choose the best green drink – ICT

ICT is not a technical term which you will be required to have any special education in order to understand. What it means is that, for you to choose green tea, you will need to consider: Ingredients, Cost, and Taste. You have to first judge the ingredients which are in it, what it costs, and how it will taste. The best green drink will be able to qualify for all the three.

  • What are the ingredients included in a green drink which is healthy?

Most of the green drinks follow the same pattern when it comes to their formula. The base used for any green drink formulation tends to be the same with some including extra ingredients in the form of enzymes and probiotics.

When you go to the green drink which is high end, you will find them containing antioxidants and herbs whereas replacement of meals and drinks that are green will contain proteins to their formula in order to make it a meal diet which is complete.

When you are looking for green drink ingredients, ensure that it includes foods which are from the three categories. It is not a must that it has to include ingredients from all the categories, but a product which is goodwill all the time give you more than you require.

Mostly the green drinks are generally put into three categories based on their ingredients. There are those drinks with grasses including wheatgrass, alfalfa, an barley. The next one is the green drinks with sea vegetables like the chlorella, dulce, algae, and spirulina. The last one is green drinks which have green vegetables including spinach, broccoli, and carrots.

  • What value is contained in green drink supplements of the superfood?

Cost and value are two different things. Cost refers to the amount you will be able to pay for a product while value refers to the product and if it is worth the amount of the cost you are paying. What you should look for when choosing a green drink, are the serving that you are getting, the potency of that serving, and the serving value.

  • What is the taste of a great healthy green drink?

Most of the people around tend to hate the green due to the taste it has. In most instances, the green drink you take, whether purchased or produced at home tends to taste horrible. This is due to the ingredients which are used to produce them.

This is because, their ingredients include a big number of seafood, green vegetables, and grasses together with probiotics, giving prominent results but the taste is that, it makes very few to be able to swallow. But there is a way to make them taste better by mixing them up with other smoothies to make them taste better and great.

  • Top-rated among the many: You will need to examine the various green drinks that are available in the market before you settle for what you consider to be the best. Though there are various green drinks in the market and it might not be an easy job to be able to examine all of them, you can just pick a few and find out which among them is the best for you. Check out their ingredients and what it can be able to do to your body.

The greatest green drink powder in the market might be too costly but the potency of each of their serving is great. You should check out other servings to find out what they consist of, whether they have more potency than what you have chosen, and if the cost of each serving is less as compared to your chosen product.

Should you do a green smoothie only diet? For long term basis, it is not advisable to take a green smoothie only diet. It should not exceed 10 days when you are doing a green smoothie cleanse. It is good for busting through the weight loss plateau or you can utilize it to kick start a diet change and lifestyle. But if you attempt to do a 100% green smoothie for a very long time, it is likely going to lead to problems with your health and thus, a need to avoid it. Never try to do it to the extreme as the advantages might just turn to disadvantages and cause you more harm.

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