Are You Embarrassed By Your Aviation Skills? Here’s What To Do

Aviation Skills

Are You Embarrassed By Your Aviation Skills? Here’s What To Do

If you dream of becoming a commercial pilot of a plane, we want to tell you that the primary requirement to be able to fulfill it, are motivation and passion for aviation, if accounts with it, you can move on to review the skills that will be needed throughout the preparation in aviation school.

Aviation Skills You Need

  1. Good hand-eye coordination, similar to the skill required for console games. Also, the coordination of your eyes and your feet, the same required to drive a vehicle. These skills will allow you to react quickly and correctly.
  2. Representing and interpreting information in three dimensions is a skill linked to situational awareness. This refers to the exact perception of the factors and conditions that affect the aircraft and the crew during a specific period of time, in other words, it is the precise perception of what is happening around us to make adequate and effective decisions. This is accomplished with good training and preparation.
  3. Interpretation of maps, this skill is related to the good ability to orient yourself. It consists of developing a mental map of the information of the real world, processing the information that is shown symbolically on the map.
  4. Interpret the indications of air traffic control and the crew. Likewise, give specific instructions to them. They are generally expressed in English.
  5. Manage stress in emergency situations. You need to think fast and make wise decisions based on information in manuals, instruments, and the environment.
  6. Ability to work in a team. It is a skill that can be learned and developed and is necessary in order to achieve good communication with the crew.
  7. Working with advanced technology with speed and precision, this skill can be developed during simulator training and in aircraft.
  8. Multitasking capacity, that is, controlling several instruments at the same time, giving instructions to the crew, communicating by radio, among others. Prioritize the relevant information and leave out the rest.
  9. Good memory, to remember regulations, protocols, and instrumentation of the plane.
  10. Agility and speed of mental calculation. It helps to quickly process information and broadens the mind to handle various number problems during flight practice.

Do not worry if you feel that you are not strong in some of these skills, because in the process of preparing to become an Airplane Pilot you will learn to develop the skills you do not master and reinforce the skills you already have.

At Flying Aviation School we want to help you fulfill your dream. You can schedule a visit to the facilities to get to know our training center and aircraft up close. What are you waiting for? Request advice right now, we will solve all your doubts and we will accompany you in the process to take off your flight.

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