Make Your Kid’s Birthday More Exciting With These Birthday Gift Ideas

Make Your Kid’s Birthday More Exciting With These Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are very exciting always, be it the adults, teenagers or kids. Everybody loves birthday surprises especially kids. They expect surprise birthday parties and lots of birthday presents. Whenever there is a birthday party, people either rush to the nearby gift shops or order birthday gifts from online gift stores. As a result, most of the times children end up receiving similar types of gifts. If you want to give unique and exciting gifts to your kids on their birthdays then don’t worry.

Here are some amazing birthday gifts ideas for 6 to 9 years boys and girls. You can also find different birthday present catalogs according to different age groups on Keuzehelper.

Specific Gifts for Girls and Boys:

When you are going to buy a birthday present for kids you need to know that you will find two different gifts sections in any shop. One section would be for boys mostly with car toys, robots, action figures, etc. On the other hand, you will find a section with dolls, doll houses, tea sets, etc. This division makes it easier to pick the perfect unique gift for the kid.

However, there are certain gifts that are common and are not specific to girls or boys only. When you select a birthday present that can be gifted to both the boy and girl, it could be unique but not much exciting. Therefore if you want to gift your loved ones unique yet exciting gifts, spend some time stalling through the birthday sections or catalogs then make a decision.

Keuzehelper makes sure to provide you a large number of birthday gift options so that you can surprise your kids on their birthday.

What Are My Options For Birthday Gifts?

There is a long list of birthday gifts. We have listed some of the most exciting, unique, and affordable birthday gifts for you. The list includes some common and some specific (only for boys or girls) gift options.

  • Common Gifts: Board games can be a perfect birthday gift for the 6 to 9 years age group kids. It is because board games allow kids to enjoy and play with their friends and family. Although sometimes kids just want to play by themselves and enjoy their own company there are times when they want attention and time from their family members. Therefore, board games are an amazing option to bring the family and friends together on the table to have some fun. Board games like soggy doggy, who is it: party game, Ravensburger 3D puzzle, etc can be gifted to both girls and boys.
  • Gifts Specific for Girls: If your kid is invited to the birthday party of a girl and you want to surprise the little girl with a unique birthday present then there are many options. You can pick a ‘Play-Dough: Make your own ice from clay with ice castle, LEGO: Mia’s Tree House, Catching the Stars in the dark, craft package from Glam Glow, or a Kid’s pocket computer.’ When you are choosing a gift option for the kid make sure to check the age group mentioned in the description.

Craft packages or craft boxes contain different materials such as beads, threads, ribbons, and glue, etc. These items are used to make different jewelry items such as bracelets, necklace and sometimes earrings too. Craft boxes are the best gift item for 7-9 years girls.

  • Gifts Specific for Boys: Most boys of age group 6 to 9 years love to play with cars, action figures, etc. A LEGO: Freight Train box, or Hotwheels cars pack is an amazing and exciting gift option for boys.

Another unique and trendy gift option for boys is the ‘playmobil’s base camp adventure game. This game has different pieces that make a base camp, small lego dolls, and dinosaurs, etc. Furthermore, more unique gifts ideas for boys include the ‘Tool box’ that looks like a real-life tool kit. This tool kit would be perfect for a 7-year-old who wants to do some repair with his cool tools.

  • Other Gift Options: In addition to toys, LEGO boxes and craft packages you can also gift some customized dresses and clothes. Customized clothes are in trend today. Kids love to wear costumes of their favorite Disney character or an animal costume. Or if the kid has a creative side and loves to paint and draw, you can gift him/her crayon rocks box or a color kit that has different shades of colors, crayons, paints, etc all in one box.

Make Birthday Gifts More Creative and Exciting:

If you want to make the birthday gift more exciting for the kid then make sure you have a creative and unique wrapping idea. Don’t go simple gift paper wrapping. Use different unique and creative wrapping techniques to wrap the gift. Good wrapping can make the gift a hundred times more exciting than a gift wrapped in a boring wrapping.

Other than wrapping you can make the present more exciting by creating a gift box or gift basket for the kids. In that box, you can add chocolates, candies, balloons and some confetti along with the present. Gift boxes are one of the most exciting birthday presents as it contains a number of different items.

Do you want to explore more options for birthday presents? If yes, then you should check out the amazing variety of birthday gifts at Keuzehelper. Widen your gift options with detailed information about the product. A proper description that contains the price of the item and age group make its hundred times easier for you to select the right birthday gift for a kid’s birthday party.

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