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commercial pilot shortage

Air traffic has seen a significant reduction in its operation as a result of the spread of the coronavirus and the measures adopted by most of the countries of the world, for which the sector has entered an evident crisis that has touched other spheres of life However, one of the perspectives little addressed is the shortage of commercial pilots that is looming in the face of this situation.

These are the 7 best airlines in the world

best airlines in the world

With the arrival of the holidays, one of the most arduous tasks is to find the best flights. And all this without losing sight of the rankings of the best flight companies. As cheapness sometimes ends up being expensive, at Bekia Viajes we tell you which are the current best seven airlines according to users and Skytrax, a company that conducts surveys for passengers to evaluate the services of the different 335 airlines in the world. Catching a plane sometimes becomes an ordeal. Not so much because of the search but because of the anxiety about the insecurity that sometimes involves getting on a flight.

Safety rules of an Airplane

Airplane Safety rules

The safety regulations of an airplane are one of the first questions that people ask themselves when riding in this vehicle. And it is that, surely more than once you have heard how they are communicated by public address, with the help of the hostesses to warn of possible dangerous situations. In this article, we want to talk to you about the different rules that concern the safety of passengers and crew on an airplane.

What happens if airline on strike? How to act on this moment?

airline on strike

In recent years thousands of people have inevitably been thrown into confusion as the airline they were planning to travel with has gone on strike. But despite how common this scenario has become, many still do not know where to start if facing this problem. That is why we give you all the keys to know how to act if an airline is on strike.

What to do airline is on strike?

  1. First of all, keep calm. The aviation company must announce its strike plan as soon as possible. In this way, passengers can be informed and develop an alternative action plan.
  2. In the event of a strike, you should know that the airlines will not give you any compensation for the damages that could be caused to you. However, as a passenger, you can proceed in two ways: either by asking for the ticket’s cost to be reimbursed or by asking to be placed on the flight the most immediate they can get, the airline must comply with either of the two requests.
  3. The airline is not obliged to compensate passengers for being an extraordinary case. Still, they must pay for accommodation and meals for those affected by the measure, that is, if you planned to leave your destination today and there is a pilot strike, the days you must wait for the next flight must be covered by the company.
  4. If your trip is part of some type of tour package and you are the victim of a pilot strike, you must go to the travel agency that has organized your plan. They will respond in this case.
  5. Suppose you travel with an airline ticket, without any type of tourist package. In that case, you must go directly to the counters or offices of the company, they will be in charge of solving it, but you have to be prepared for long lines, rumors and a lot of confusion, as well that it is best to keep calm.
  6. Another way to act without approaching the airport is by calling your airline’s customer service number.

It is important to remain calm in this situation. In this way, you can act more effectively. We always recommend saving a little money for the end of your trip. This way, you will have something reserved in case of an unforeseen event.

What does the air traffic controller strike entail?

The strike of the air traffic controllers can have a direct and immediate consequence:

  • The cancellation of a flight, which occurs when the flight, originally planned by the airline and on which were reserved seats, is not carried out;
  • The prolonged flight delay occurs when the departure of the aircraft is delayed for the scheduled departure time.
  • In both cases, the protection contained in Community legislation applies to travelers on:
  • scheduled flights, charter or low cost, which depart from a European Union airport;

What are the rights of travelers in case of flight cancellation?

In case of flight cancellation, passengers have the right:

Otherwise, to take another flight as soon as possible in connection with the airline’s operations. To board an alternative flight at a later date depending on your needs. The airline must also provide them with assistance.

More precisely, it must ensure travelers:

  • Meals and drinks based on waiting time;
  • Accommodation in a hotel room, if you need to spend one or more nights;
  • Transfer from the hotel to the airport and vice versa;
  • 2 phone calls or messages via telex, fax, or email.

In some cases, monetary compensation is also provided, i.e., compensation for damages, such as when a flight that does not fall within the time affected by the strike is in any case canceled as a result of the same.

Are You Embarrassed By Your Aviation Skills? Here’s What To Do

Aviation Skills

If you dream of becoming a commercial pilot of a plane, we want to tell you that the primary requirement to be able to fulfill it, are motivation and passion for aviation, if accounts with it, you can move on to review the skills that will be needed throughout the preparation in aviation school.

Aviation Skills You Need

  1. Good hand-eye coordination, similar to the skill required for console games. Also, the coordination of your eyes and your feet, the same required to drive a vehicle. These skills will allow you to react quickly and correctly.
  2. Representing and interpreting information in three dimensions is a skill linked to situational awareness. This refers to the exact perception of the factors and conditions that affect the aircraft and the crew during a specific period of time, in other words, it is the precise perception of what is happening around us to make adequate and effective decisions. This is accomplished with good training and preparation.
  3. Interpretation of maps, this skill is related to the good ability to orient yourself. It consists of developing a mental map of the information of the real world, processing the information that is shown symbolically on the map.
  4. Interpret the indications of air traffic control and the crew. Likewise, give specific instructions to them. They are generally expressed in English.
  5. Manage stress in emergency situations. You need to think fast and make wise decisions based on information in manuals, instruments, and the environment.
  6. Ability to work in a team. It is a skill that can be learned and developed and is necessary in order to achieve good communication with the crew.
  7. Working with advanced technology with speed and precision, this skill can be developed during simulator training and in aircraft.
  8. Multitasking capacity, that is, controlling several instruments at the same time, giving instructions to the crew, communicating by radio, among others. Prioritize the relevant information and leave out the rest.
  9. Good memory, to remember regulations, protocols, and instrumentation of the plane.
  10. Agility and speed of mental calculation. It helps to quickly process information and broadens the mind to handle various number problems during flight practice.

Do not worry if you feel that you are not strong in some of these skills, because in the process of preparing to become an Airplane Pilot you will learn to develop the skills you do not master and reinforce the skills you already have.

At Flying Aviation School we want to help you fulfill your dream. You can schedule a visit to the facilities to get to know our training center and aircraft up close. What are you waiting for? Request advice right now, we will solve all your doubts and we will accompany you in the process to take off your flight.

The 7 best tips to make your business trip a success

best tips to make your business trip a success

For many of you in your great jobs, the time has come to take a business trip or that opportunity will come, all for the good of the company.

To make your next work trip a success, follow these 8 great tips.

But first, and to put you a bit in context with business trips, at the national level the main destinations where you travel to do business are Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mérida, Mexico City, and paradise Cancun.

Internationally, countries such as Brazil, Argentina, the United States, China and cities such as Frankfurt and Paris are the most visited as a business center. A travel blog will keep you up to date on the best cities for business travel.

Business trips

First of all, business trips or also called business tourism by the World Tourism Organization, are essential for the growth of a company.

These can be done to attend a fair, exhibition, seminar, sales closing or search for new contacts. It is not a new trend and they open up a world of possibilities for your company.

Tips for a successful business trip

For your next, or first, a business trip to be an achievement, you just have to follow these tips to travel that as a result, will give you productive business by gaining the trust of the boss.

  1. Travel light

Usually, a business trip does not last too long, so a carry-on is recommended for traveling light. Bring only what is necessary for your meetings and work events.

Or, pack clothes that you can combine to save space, do not forget to check the weather of the city to which you will travel, this will also help you know what to pack.

  1. Take advantage of flight time

They say that time is short. As a matter of business and work, the time is very short, so if you have any pending, take advantage of the flight time. Review the presentation, study your client, or send the emails that you had pending.

  1. Organize your schedule

Something very important before going on a business trip is to check that all the tasks to be carried out are set on the agenda, in this way you will have an impeccable business meeting.

Contemplate that your agenda is well organized with the following points:

  • Customer information
  • Names and titles of Clients
  • Locations and times of where they will meet
  • Means of transport and alternatives
  • Recommended restaurants
  • Have presentations and documents ready to share
  1. Adequate accommodation

This is essential and even if your business trip is only for a day or even for a few hours, without a doubt the issue of accommodation is key to being successful in your work meeting.

Take into account that the perfect accommodation for a business trip is one that is between the place of business, the airport or a train station.

Similarly, choose a business hotel with a meeting room, cafeteria, and Wi-Fi connection.

  1. The best place to negotiate

To close deals, we recommend that you forget about holding meetings in an executive hotel or office.

A study revealed that the part of the brain that begins to make decisions is the most primitive, reacting to sensory input. Therefore, the recommendation is to get your client out of the comfort zone; Take it to a restaurant, golf course, bar, bowling alley, etc.

  1. Prepare your body and mind to travel

Coming and going on a trip together with its organization and schedule changes is usually something very tiring, which can disturb your body and mind, it is what is known as jet lag.

To avoid this we recommend you sleep well before traveling, eat well, stay hydrated, and good coffee and breakfast in the morning will avoid this discomfort.

  1. Business and pleasure combination

Of course, not everything should be work on your business trip, since you can combine it with pleasure in a perfect way.

After finishing your work duties, take some time to get to know the emblematic places of the city to which you have traveled, swim, dine or just walk.

This will help you clear your mind, think and reflect without pressure on what you saw in your business meeting.

What you should avoid on a business trip

If you want to be successful in your business trip, you must avoid taking actions that put the meeting, the negotiations, and especially your work at risk. So be a professional and avoid doing:

  • Meeting late
  • Not having notions of the client or the negotiations
  • Piss off the customer
  • Arriving drunk or drinking during the meeting
  • Overspending
  • Think you’re on vacation

Travel to all of Mexico! 

With corporate travel, you gain more experience, responsibility, and passion for your work. With these travel tips, without a doubt, you will be successful on all your business trips.

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