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Who should not follow keto diet?

Before one introduces a change in his eating habits, he should study the pros and cons of the change. There are safety issues one needs to consider as health is wealth and once lost or damaged is very difficult to regain. This article explains who should not follow keto diet, what effects one should be aware of before opting keto diet, etc.

Pregnant women

Prolonged ketosis (liver producing ketones during low carb and high fat situations) affects the brain development of the baby. It creates the risk of spina bifida – defective neural tubes

Breast feeding women

As keto diet recently emerged, there is still research going on about the effects of keto diet on breast feeding women. Therefore it is recommended to maintain a good high carb diet rather than following a low carb diet.

Hypo – causing medications

The medicines like insulin, glinides are consumed to increase the insulin level in the body. The purpose of these medicines is to reduce the sugar level in the blood. Therefore, when one follows a keto diet, which intends to reduce the blood sugar level along with the medications, they might end up facing critically low sugar levels in the blood which can be dangerous. Low blood sugar levels can lead to lowering of blood pressure, giddiness which can even stop the pumping of the heart.

Over Enthusiasts

One should never become ketogenic immediately. There are a few self precautionary questions to ask

  • Is he a brand new low carb taker?
  • Is he already doing low carb diet? If yes, what should be done to improvise it and slowly make him used to keto diet?
  • What is the person’s current carbohydrate intake level?

Out of all the tests and self analysis, one should determine his current carb consumption. If the person is not sure about his carbohydrates intake, he should use a food tracker and check on his current carb intake.

If the carb intake is 40g, one needs to slowly move into keto diet. May be he can reduce the level by 1 gram in 2 to 3 days time. If his intake is 80 grams then he definitely has to wait patiently for weeks to gradually reduce the carb intake. In due course, he has to add healthy fats. One can visit KetoSumo to learn the recipes available in different restaurants that provide special keto diet to increase the fat and reduce carbs


Keto diet is absolutely good for diabetic patients. However, they cannot follow keto diet like other healthy people. Every diabetic patient should have doctor’s approval before taking up the keto challenge! This is because one has to take the medications according to his diet. Or change his keto diet according to the medications. The recipes for diabetic patients willing to take keto diet can be found in KetoSumo website. If not, he might become hypoglycaemic (low blood sugar).

Keto diet is not recommended for

  • People with eating disorder. Eating disorder is a range of disorders that are characterised by abnormal eating habits. This often is connected with emotions and thoughts. They are in high stress and distress
  • People who are under weight. Underweight people have a Body Mass Index less than 18.5 or their weight is 15 – 20 % less than their normal age and height group. Body Mass Index is body mass divided by square of the body height.
  • People who are recovering from surgery. While recovering from surgery, the body cells should have sufficient energy and all nutrients to heal the wounds. The White Blood Corpuscles that fight against the infections should be sufficient in number. The WBCs are present in the blood and their count increases only when there is enough sugar or glucose in the blood
  • The Keto diet should be stopped immediately when a person falls sick; it can be cold, fever or even cough. This is because the body should gain enough resistance power to fight against the viruses causing the illness
  • People with serious mental health problems. This is because the ultimate aim of the ketogenic diet is to provide enough energy to the brain. This will keep the entire system active. Brain works only on carbs or ketone. So the carbs are cut down to reduce the fats in the body and give full energy to the brain. Therefore people on psychiatric medications should consult a doctor.

Persons with decreased kidney function

The persons with decreased kidney function would already have improper nutrition levels in their blood. This is because kidney fails to filter the blood properly and segregate the impurities out of the body. Such patients will have high blood urea level and reduced protein. When they fail to take a proper diet rich in carbs, fats proteins and all other nutrients, it might worsen their urea level in the blood. Also, their medicines to reduce the urea in the blood level might not function if there is no enough sugar level in the blood stream.

Persons with chronic respiratory disorders

This is because the medications given to them are to balance the imbalanced oxygen and carbon dioxide levels due to respiratory problems. If there is no enough blood sugar to help in absorbing these medicines, they might not work.

With these precautions, one should also have lots of electrolytes. This is to push lots of sodium into the body. Sea salt or Celtic sea salt is also recommended. This is because body loses a lot of water and sodium on a ketogenic diet.


Pregnant women, breast feeding women, children under the age of 18 years, kidney patients, persons with chronic respiratory disorders, mental disorder should avoid keto diet.

Airline Innovations That Will Change Flight Experience

Green air travel

As the name suggests, airline companies and manufacturers are beginning to devise concept aircraft that use a lower amount of fuel to produce higher energy output while minimizing pollution emissions by nearly 70 percent. Airplanes instead of souring energy from fossil fuels are prospectively going to be replaced with solar energy, which is highly environment-friendly and will significantly reduce transportation costs and airline operating expenses. Other options such as using alternate fuel like kerosene are being considered since it produces high energy density combined with minimal fuel consumption.

Armrest divisions

There is always the battle of who gets to place their arm comfortably on the armrest, while the other is bothered by inconvenience.  This is where the additional fixture intended to redress this issue, the Soarigami comes into play. The plastic and neoprene origami structure can easily be placed in the center of the unfair armrest, providing a wide platform to set the arms of you and the relevant party without any inconvenience.  It is believed to be released in the market soon for a minimal price of $30.

More and more screens

Instead of the typical windows and cabin walls, innovations to replace such fixtures with interactive smart displays are becoming a progressive reality. Not only is it beneficial since it significantly reduces weight and enhances fuel efficiency. It could provide better entertainment, information, and interaction with the passengers. Concepts of establishing interactive screen wallpaper around the plane can entertain and lure passengers as if in space by depicting space imaging over the cabin in a full 360-degree view.

The flying donut

Innovators are on a mission to replace the out-dated interior and exterior design of the plane due to its lack of comfort and congested atmosphere. The flying donut concept of an aircraft will have wider space and wings directly from the nose. Moreover, the seating inside will be in a circular shape or auditorium design enabling more area inside, comfort, minimize weight and emissions and maximize aerodynamics.

Convertible seating

Also known as butterfly seating, the concept seating arrangement would allow passengers to endure longer duration flights with relative ease of comfort by merely shifting their economic seats to somewhat business class like. It will lack the luxury and quality of business seating but enable enhanced comfort than the economy.

Onboard iPads


Another innovation making its way into reality is by ceasing interactive screens behind seats of the flight and replacing them with mini iPads given during the fight. Such smart displays will enable you to get online, stream entertainment, work and much more.

Upgrading first class

First class is already the most premium seating class offering impeccable luxury. Airlines are trying to take the posh and luxuriousness to the next step by establishing individual cabin bars; spa designed bathrooms, extendable beds and could even have miniature golf or bowling.

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