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If you are good at physics and mathematics and you are passionate about designing parts for airplanes, aircraft, and all kinds of flying objects, the aeronautical engineering career is the perfect option for you. The recent growth of the aerospace industry and its particular development within the country, in areas such as Querétaro, has generated the need to have more graduates trained to work in this sector. If you would like to work in this sector but do not know where to train in something related to this field, here is an orientation guide on where to study to be an aeronautical engineer.

To recover category 1 before the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the Mexican Federal Government has carried out certain actions to strengthen the regulation of aviation safety. In this regard, the Federal Civil Aviation Agency ("AFAC") published the Decree amending, adding, and repealing various provisions of the Regulations of the Civil Aviation Law ("Decree") that recently entered into force. Greater training obligations are established for flight crew and flight attendants, the implementation of management systems and the AFAC is strengthened to monitor and sanction non-compliance with the applicable regulation in aeronautical matters. Likewise, the Decree establishes new provisions regarding remotely piloted aircraft. Secondly,