The 7 best tips to make your business trip a success

best tips to make your business trip a success

The 7 best tips to make your business trip a success

For many of you in your great jobs, the time has come to take a business trip or that opportunity will come, all for the good of the company.

To make your next work trip a success, follow these 8 great tips.

But first, and to put you a bit in context with business trips, at the national level the main destinations where you travel to do business are Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mérida, Mexico City, and paradise Cancun.

Internationally, countries such as Brazil, Argentina, the United States, China and cities such as Frankfurt and Paris are the most visited as a business center. A travel blog will keep you up to date on the best cities for business travel.

Business trips

First of all, business trips or also called business tourism by the World Tourism Organization, are essential for the growth of a company.

These can be done to attend a fair, exhibition, seminar, sales closing or search for new contacts. It is not a new trend and they open up a world of possibilities for your company.

Tips for a successful business trip

For your next, or first, a business trip to be an achievement, you just have to follow these tips to travel that as a result, will give you productive business by gaining the trust of the boss.

  1. Travel light

Usually, a business trip does not last too long, so a carry-on is recommended for traveling light. Bring only what is necessary for your meetings and work events.

Or, pack clothes that you can combine to save space, do not forget to check the weather of the city to which you will travel, this will also help you know what to pack.

  1. Take advantage of flight time

They say that time is short. As a matter of business and work, the time is very short, so if you have any pending, take advantage of the flight time. Review the presentation, study your client, or send the emails that you had pending.

  1. Organize your schedule

Something very important before going on a business trip is to check that all the tasks to be carried out are set on the agenda, in this way you will have an impeccable business meeting.

Contemplate that your agenda is well organized with the following points:

  • Customer information
  • Names and titles of Clients
  • Locations and times of where they will meet
  • Means of transport and alternatives
  • Recommended restaurants
  • Have presentations and documents ready to share
  1. Adequate accommodation

This is essential and even if your business trip is only for a day or even for a few hours, without a doubt the issue of accommodation is key to being successful in your work meeting.

Take into account that the perfect accommodation for a business trip is one that is between the place of business, the airport or a train station.

Similarly, choose a business hotel with a meeting room, cafeteria, and Wi-Fi connection.

  1. The best place to negotiate

To close deals, we recommend that you forget about holding meetings in an executive hotel or office.

A study revealed that the part of the brain that begins to make decisions is the most primitive, reacting to sensory input. Therefore, the recommendation is to get your client out of the comfort zone; Take it to a restaurant, golf course, bar, bowling alley, etc.

  1. Prepare your body and mind to travel

Coming and going on a trip together with its organization and schedule changes is usually something very tiring, which can disturb your body and mind, it is what is known as jet lag.

To avoid this we recommend you sleep well before traveling, eat well, stay hydrated, and good coffee and breakfast in the morning will avoid this discomfort.

  1. Business and pleasure combination

Of course, not everything should be work on your business trip, since you can combine it with pleasure in a perfect way.

After finishing your work duties, take some time to get to know the emblematic places of the city to which you have traveled, swim, dine or just walk.

This will help you clear your mind, think and reflect without pressure on what you saw in your business meeting.

What you should avoid on a business trip

If you want to be successful in your business trip, you must avoid taking actions that put the meeting, the negotiations, and especially your work at risk. So be a professional and avoid doing:

  • Meeting late
  • Not having notions of the client or the negotiations
  • Piss off the customer
  • Arriving drunk or drinking during the meeting
  • Overspending
  • Think you’re on vacation

Travel to all of Mexico! 

With corporate travel, you gain more experience, responsibility, and passion for your work. With these travel tips, without a doubt, you will be successful on all your business trips.

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