What happens if airline on strike? How to act on this moment?

airline on strike

What happens if airline on strike? How to act on this moment?

In recent years thousands of people have inevitably been thrown into confusion as the airline they were planning to travel with has gone on strike. But despite how common this scenario has become, many still do not know where to start if facing this problem. That is why we give you all the keys to know how to act if an airline is on strike.

What to do airline is on strike?

  1. First of all, keep calm. The aviation company must announce its strike plan as soon as possible. In this way, passengers can be informed and develop an alternative action plan.
  2. In the event of a strike, you should know that the airlines will not give you any compensation for the damages that could be caused to you. However, as a passenger, you can proceed in two ways: either by asking for the ticket’s cost to be reimbursed or by asking to be placed on the flight the most immediate they can get, the airline must comply with either of the two requests.
  3. The airline is not obliged to compensate passengers for being an extraordinary case. Still, they must pay for accommodation and meals for those affected by the measure, that is, if you planned to leave your destination today and there is a pilot strike, the days you must wait for the next flight must be covered by the company.
  4. If your trip is part of some type of tour package and you are the victim of a pilot strike, you must go to the travel agency that has organized your plan. They will respond in this case.
  5. Suppose you travel with an airline ticket, without any type of tourist package. In that case, you must go directly to the counters or offices of the company, they will be in charge of solving it, but you have to be prepared for long lines, rumors and a lot of confusion, as well that it is best to keep calm.
  6. Another way to act without approaching the airport is by calling your airline’s customer service number.

It is important to remain calm in this situation. In this way, you can act more effectively. We always recommend saving a little money for the end of your trip. This way, you will have something reserved in case of an unforeseen event.

What does the air traffic controller strike entail?

The strike of the air traffic controllers can have a direct and immediate consequence:

  • The cancellation of a flight, which occurs when the flight, originally planned by the airline and on which were reserved seats, is not carried out;
  • The prolonged flight delay occurs when the departure of the aircraft is delayed for the scheduled departure time.
  • In both cases, the protection contained in Community legislation applies to travelers on:
  • scheduled flights, charter or low cost, which depart from a European Union airport;

What are the rights of travelers in case of flight cancellation?

In case of flight cancellation, passengers have the right:

Otherwise, to take another flight as soon as possible in connection with the airline’s operations. To board an alternative flight at a later date depending on your needs. The airline must also provide them with assistance.

More precisely, it must ensure travelers:

  • Meals and drinks based on waiting time;
  • Accommodation in a hotel room, if you need to spend one or more nights;
  • Transfer from the hotel to the airport and vice versa;
  • 2 phone calls or messages via telex, fax, or email.

In some cases, monetary compensation is also provided, i.e., compensation for damages, such as when a flight that does not fall within the time affected by the strike is in any case canceled as a result of the same.

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