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Guide to studying in an aviation school

study in an aviation school

Flying an airplane requires extensive training that must be acquired in specialized centers

Being an airplane pilot is a career that can be exciting and attractive, as well as being one of the highest-paying jobs today. Taking to the skies and living in constant travel can fulfill the dreams of many young people who aspire to one day be part of an airline. But to achieve that dream, you will first have to be trained in an aviation school where the necessary skills are acquired.

These centers do not work in the same way as traditional universities, so here are some questions that those interested in learning to fly an aircraft may have about aviation schools are answered.

How is the cost of studying in an aviation school calculated?

aviation school cost

Aviation schools do not use a payment system like that of conventional universities, in which the tuition is paid first and then the corresponding monthly payments. In this case, the specific course that is carried out to obtain a specific flight license is paid, on which the final cost will depend. Each license will require theoretical classes and a minimum of practical flight hours that will be included in the price of the course.

How do you pay for an aviation school course?

It is not mandatory to enter the entire amount of the course that is taken at one time. In the case of theoretical classes, a single payment will be made, which may be paid in installments depending on the conditions of each center, and which will include the basic books necessary to obtain the license. In the case of practices, payment will be made for each flight hour or by blocks of hours, as stipulated by the school.

Will I be able to look for an airline job when I get my license?

It will still be early to aspire to fly for an airline after graduating from aviation school. The students of these centers usually graduate with around 180 total flight hours, while the airlines usually require a minimum of 250 hours to work in them. Applying for a first officer position may require 1,000 flight hours. To acquire these additional hours you can resort to working as a flight instructor, passing the relevant tests.

What do you study in an aviation school?

To obtain the pilot license, basic knowledge of subjects such as mathematics, physics, aerodynamics and meteorology must be acquired, in addition to knowing the aeronautical regulations in force in the country and becoming familiar with the operation of the engines, aircraft systems, and other factors concerning the aviation.

At what age can I go to aviation school?

The minimum age to start flight studies is 17 years old.

If you think that becoming a pilot is your future, but you have never taken the controls of an airplane yet, LEVANTE-EMV gives you the opportunity to do so with the offer of a flight baptism in a plane for one or two people that includes a theoretical course of 30 minutes and a flight of 14 or 28 minutes in Sugus Aerolineas SI, in the province of Castellón.

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8 tips to make air travel more bearable

air travel tips

Most of us have experienced certain levels of discomfort on an airplane. And if you travel economy class on a transatlantic flight, it is usually not a pleasant thing to do.

L os modern aircraft usually n fly at an altitude of between 1,828 and 2,438 meters, which is equivalent to the height of a small mountain.

So there is less oxygen and gases expand in our body cavities.

There are other stressors as well, such as flight delays, security checks, noise and vibrations on board, changes in temperature, humidity, lack of space, and jet lag.

But there are ways to make the trip much more bearable. We tell you some.

pre-flight stress control

comfort air travel

Rob Bor, a clinical psychologist at the Royal Free Hospital in London, UK, advises preparing ahead of time for the trip.

“Many people do not check the documentation or know their flight times or the airport to which they should go,” says Bor.

They check everything the same day and that’s not enough, he warns.

” Scan your passport and save it in your email, just in case, ” he advises.

Eli g and your seat

Choose your seat on digital platforms such as Seat Guru (from Trip Advisor), which uses color codes for different aircraft and airlines, advising passengers on the best seats and discarding those that are very close to the bathroom or cannot recline, for example.

According to experts, if you sit close to the wings of the plane you will notice less turbulence.

And if you forgot to choose your seat, ask at the boarding gate. There may be a better one if the flight is not full.

Eat light

Fasting before a long-haul flight will make jet lag more bearable.

Harvard researchers say that eating nothing for about 16 hours before boarding the plane can help travelers adjust more easily to the new time zone.

If you prefer to eat something, do not opt ​​for greasy or fried food.

And avoid gas-inducing vegetables like onions, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, or beans, as well as alcohol and sodas.

Once onboard, choose “healthy, light and easy to digest food, like fruit or salad,” says Alwin Van Drongelen, a chronobiologist at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Drink water

When it comes to liquids, don’t limit yourself. Even if you are in the middle seat and have to disturb other passengers to go to the bathroom.

“(Not drinking fluids) is one of the reasons bladder infections and cystitis are common among women after a long-haul flight, Dawood says.

The specialist advises drinking at least half a liter of water every three hours.

Also, drinking alcohol increases dehydration.

Not only will alcohol make you drink more, but also, due to the low humidity, “one unit of alcohol on board is equivalent to two on land,” Bor clarifies.

Breathe well

Low humidity levels also affect our nose, throat, skin, and eyes, especially if we wear contact lenses.

People with breathing problems or smokers are at higher risk, says Brian McCrary, medical director at the Glendale Family Health Clinic in Scottsdale, USA.

So if you need an inhaler, don’t forget to carry it by hand.

If you feel short of breath, put a damp cloth on your face and breathe through your mouth.

Another idea is to include a water spray, a lip balm, and a moisturizer in your travel bag.

Sleep well

Sleeping onboard can be difficult for many, especially if you travel economy class.

Wear loose clothing and lots of layers to cope with the changing temperatures of long flights, warns David Gradwell, professor of Aerospace Medicine at King’s College London.

Also bring comfortable socks and a scarf, or a large scarf that you can use as a blanket.

Also an eye mask, and don’t forget the neck pillow.

“If your neck falls to the side, the flow of oxygen is interrupted and you will wake up, which will make the trip more uncomfortable,” says Bor.

Block out noises

Active noise-canceling headphones are a nice (and expensive) way to block out engine noise and other distractions.

Cabin noises are louder than those we are normally used to and can exceed 80 decibels at take-off and landing.

Acceptable noise levels in work environments are around 40 decibels in an office, and 60 in a service delivery area, says Brett Molesworth of the University of New South Wales School of Aviation in Sydney, Australia.

Some studies say that cabin noise affects our memory and causes us fatigue.

In the future, travelers may be able to sleep better with devices such as Boeing’s recently patented “sleep support system” for sleeping in an upright position, with a cushion, backpack, and headrest pillow. and chest.

But in the meantime, if you really can’t sleep on board, opt for pills that are available without a prescription, says Bor. For example, synthetic melatonin or sleeping pills, although this does not work for everyone.


Another problem, especially on long flights, is the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT): the formation of blood clots in the veins that occurs when we spend too much time sitting.

Our ankles and feet swell, and our legs can hurt.

Sometimes those clots can spread into the lungs, causing chest pain and shortness of breath, or worse.

If you think you are at risk for DVT, consult your doctor before traveling and wear compression stockings, which promote blood circulation.

Staying moving to avoid blood clots can help, says Michael Bagshaw, professor of aviation medicine at King’s College London.

And don’t put luggage on the front seat – it reduces your ability to move your legs.

All of these tips may sound excessive, but the effects of flying thousands of miles in a tight, pressurized tube should not be underestimated.

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The basic guideline for the preparation against aviation accidents

preparation against aviation accidents

The Council of Ministers has approved at its meeting the Royal Decree that includes the basic guideline of minimum criteria that special civil protection plans must meet against the risk of emergencies due to civil aviation accidents that, by legal imperative, must be drawn up by the different administrations state, regional and local.

The approval of this basic guideline guarantees that these special regional or local plans, in their organizational and functional aspects, give a homogeneous response on a national scale to emergencies of this nature regardless of the place where they occur and their scope, so that adequate coordination of the actions of all participating bodies is ensured.

In the first place, the basic guideline includes the characteristics, basic functions, and minimum content of the future state plan, which must create an organizational structure that allows the direction and coordination of all public administrations in aeronautical emergencies in which the national interest is present. , as well as the functions of support to the autonomous communities to facilitate the application of their respective plans.

protection plans against  aviation accidents

The regional or local special plans, in order to comply with the provisions of the basic guideline, will include, among other homogeneous components, risk analysis, search and location processes for damaged aircraft, incident and accident notification protocols, as well as the necessary actions. for the protection of people, property, and the environment.

These actions include information systems, notices, and alerts; the delimitation of areas of action and access control, as well as the means of evacuation, medical transport, hospitalization, and identification of the injured. In any case, the different state, regional and, where appropriate, municipal plans must take into account, in all their phases, the different needs of people with disabilities and other groups in vulnerable situations, establishing specific action protocols to guarantee their assistance. and security.

Finally, the basic guideline entrusts the State Air Safety Agency with the preparation of a complementary technical guide that facilitates the harmonization between the requirements and administrative procedures established in the aeronautical sector regulations regarding the self-protection plans of aeronautical facilities and the content of the regional and local special plans.

These plans will be applied to emergencies that occur in aeronautical facilities, aircraft accidents that occur within the airspace of sovereignty and Spanish responsibility, emergencies of aircraft in flight that may lead to accidents and actions to be carried out in coordination with the Service. of Search and Air Rescue, the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine, and the Maritime Rescue and Safety Society (SASEMAR) in those cases in which the accident had occurred at sea.

They will also be applicable to civil aircraft emergencies occurring at military airbases or aerodromes open to civil air traffic. In the case of accidents involving aircraft of the Armed Forces or of the State Security Forces and Corps, the special plans will only be activated at the express request of the military or police authorities.

The basic guideline has been prepared by a working group constituted in the National Civil Protection Council and has received a favorable report from all the institutions and organizations affected by its content.


commercial pilot shortage

Air traffic has seen a significant reduction in its operation as a result of the spread of the coronavirus and the measures adopted by most of the countries of the world, for which the sector has entered an evident crisis that has touched other spheres of life However, one of the perspectives little addressed is the shortage of commercial pilots that is looming in the face of this situation.

Before the Covid19 pandemic broke out over the Western Hemisphere, the aviation sector had already raised alarms about the shortage of crews, especially commercial pilots, as a result of the accelerated increase in world transport.

According to this, Boeing estimated that by 2035 more than 700 thousand airline pilots would be needed, while Airbus calculations were 500 thousand, in addition to 90 thousand for business aviation; Of course with the effects of the pandemic, the forecasts had to recalculate the estimated figures, however, not their main message: Aviation will face, sooner or later, the shortage of human talent compared to the demand for air transport.

commercial pilot crisis

Today seems to be the least of the problems for many airlines due to the effects generated by the pandemic, however, the possible shortage that aviation will be involved in seems to be being ignored when the recovery of the sector begins its ascent.

It is possible to understand reality, aviation and transport will continue to be an important asset for the world, therefore it will not end, it will only adapt to new challenges, as it has done throughout its history, in that order of ideas how to solve the possible lack of trained air personnel that is looming?

The situation becomes critical especially when skepticism about the training of new personnel has spread among young people, as a result of the injuries caused by the coronavirus. It must be clear, the lack of commercial pilots points to a world crisis that is not yet believed, or that is perceived as a problem of the future.

Before the coronavirus, China was expected to dethrone the United States as the world’s most important air market by 2022, according to estimates from the International Air Transport Association, today that belief is closer to being a reality. The way in which the Asian giant is about to achieve this was with the hiring of foreign personnel, new routes, and the order of airplanes; leaving a gap in human talent for the airlines in this part of the Continent.

It is difficult to focus on a single problem, especially when only recently began the moderate take-off of aviation in various parts of the world, including Colombia. Today it does not seem to be an urgent debate, but the truth is that what can come for aviation as a result of the lack of personnel, can be even more dangerous than the same consequences that Covid19 already generated for the sector months ago.

The lack of human talent threatens to cause severe turbulence that is difficult to cope with for a time like this.

The statistics vary according to the source, but everything seems to agree that the needs of pilots will be difficult to cover for the next few years and this will trigger problems in the medium and long term.

As can be seen, the challenge is enormous and the training centers remain committed to their responsibility with the future of aviation, however, the efforts will be insufficient if the motivational strategies for training in young people are not followed, with less government support. liabilities for scholarships and incentives, the opening for new ways of tackling the crisis… Aviation cannot be an ally only when the wind is calm, we must continue to rediscover its enormous potential for society.

The growth and recovery will take us by surprise when demand looms around the corner requesting more personnel to meet the normal needs of the air operation. It is evident that the increase in passengers will grow and in view of this, more human talent will be required to guarantee a continuous operation.

The crisis of commercial pilots is looming and it is hoped that it will not be too late to stop considering this situation simply as a problem of tomorrow.

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What to study to be a commercial airplane pilot?

study to be a commercial airplane pilot

If you are reading this it is because you are interested in the world of aviation and you are considering becoming a commercial pilot, are we on the right track? Well, nothing pleases us more than giving you the keys and ways you have to achieve it.

Age and requirements to be a commercial airplane pilot

Many of you wonder if there is a minimum age to train as a pilot, and the truth is that there is no. But since there are academic requirements to access the ATO (Approved Training Organization, whose translation would be accredited pilot schools), depending on the time it takes to obtain these qualifications (baccalaureate, training cycle, university degree …), you will have age or other.

But when it comes to obtaining the commercial pilot license, you must meet the following requirements :

  • Be of legal age at the time of license
  • Accredit an ICAO4 level of English.
  • And be eligible for the Class 1 Medical Certificate.

Licenses required to be a commercial airplane pilot

To be a paid pilot of an aircraft for commercial purposes, you need a CPL  (Commercial Pilot License). But also, to be able to work in an airline, you must complete your training with other types of Licenses and Qualifications:

  • IR (Instrument Rating) enablement. A qualification that enables to fly in instrument flight conditions. That is, in flights without external visual references, such as in night conditions, low visibility, flying between clouds …
  • Enabled ME (Multi-Engine). The rating allows for piloting aircraft with more than one engine.
  • MCC Course (Multi Crew Course). This course is not usually taught by all ATOs and teaches teamwork in situations where there is a pilot and co-pilot. Essential to operate online!
  • Theoretical ATPL. This License is the first part to obtain the full ATPL License, which will grant you the possibility of being a commander of the multi-manned aircraft, such as airline aircraft.
    In your training as a pilot, the theoretical ATPL, also known as ATPL frozen, is obtained in the final phase of the training after passing fourteen theoretical exams of AESA.
  • Linguistic proficiency in English is a requirement to obtain a license.

And to finally obtain the full ATPL License, a higher level license that authorizes the Pilot to exercise full command of a commercial flight aircraft, you must have performed at least 1500 flight hours in multi-manned aircraft (typically with commander and co-pilot), which pilots normally perform while practicing their profession.

Our great advice

At here we want to encourage you to continue to find out about the different schools that offer pilot training, and that with the advice that we have provided, you weigh the pros and cons, taking into account what will provide you with better guarantees in the future.

Keep in mind that a pilot requires a lot of knowledge, such as meteorology, basic mechanics, aerodynamics, navigation, legislation … and a set of skills and aptitudes that enable him to operate in both normal and abnormal conditions. And all this goes beyond the simple handling of the aircraft, as it requires good training and preparation. That is why it is so important to choose good training and a good school, as it will be one of the most important decisions you make in your life.

We know that it is a lot of information at once and it can overwhelm you, but be calm, because we will solve all your doubts and we will accompany you in all the processes so that it is as easy as possible for you.

And we know that if you have the skills to be a good pilot, you will know what the best decision is.

Good flight!

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What to Do at the Airport: A Guide for Those Who Have Never Traveled by Plane

Guide for Traveled by Plane

One of the most frequent questions I get from those who have never traveled by plane is “what to do at the airport.” This question may even seem silly to the eyes of those who now have so many flights on their shoulders. It is not at all for those who have never traveled by plane.

Even the first time I took a plane, I didn’t have the faintest idea how to behave once I entered the departures terminal. I remember looking around me and exclaiming: what am I going to do now?

What to do at the airport?

All airlines have now introduced the online check-in procedure. It allows those traveling with hand luggage only to avoid showing up at the airport two hours before the flight departure. Also, you need to queue in front of the airline counter to have your boarding pass issued.

If you will travel only with hand luggage and with the boarding pass already printed at home, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the airport at least one hour before the gate closes (the gate closing time can be found on your boarding pass). But I advise you to go there a little earlier. I don’t want to be a bird of ill omen, but the unexpected can always be around the corner. You don’t want to miss your flight, right?
  2. Check the terminal from which your flight will depart on your boarding pass (especially at larger airports) and go to departures.
  3. When you enter the terminal, you will have to go immediately to the screens indicating the departing flights. Search for your flight to be sure not to make mistakes. In addition, the time and destination. Check the flight number. You can find it on your ticket. The departure gate will be indicated next to the flight. Usually, there will be a letter followed by a number such as c3. If the gate number is still not written on it, don’t panic, you can still go to security checks. You will read it later.
  4. Immediately take out your boarding pass and your identity document, electronic passport or identity card.
  5. Go to security checks. In this regard, please read our guide airport checks: what to do and what not to wear.
  6. Go to the gate and line upholding your id and boarding pass.

Traveler leaving with baggage

If you are also leaving with checked baggage, you will need to:

  • Go to the airport at least two hours before the gate closing time. The closing time, which does not coincide with the departure time, can be found on the boarding pass). It is a good idea for intercontinental flights to go to the airport even three hours in advance.
  • Enter the departures of the terminal from which your flight will depart.
  • Look for the desk number corresponding to your flight on the illuminated displays.
  • Go to the airline counter to deposit your hold baggage showing your id and your boarding pass.
  • Always go to security checks with your document and boarding pass in hand.
  • Go to the boarding gate and get in line with your document and boarding pass in hand.

Traveler leaving with online check-in

By checking in online, print your boarding pass and leaving only with hand luggage. You will have to follow the procedures described above and the traveler who leaves only with hand luggage. However, if you also have hold baggage with you, you will still have to go to the airline counter to deposit your suitcase.

Traveler leaving without online check-in

If, on the other hand, you are traveling with hand baggage. For any reason you do not have a boarding pass, you must first go to the airline desk to have it released. Some airports even have self-service kiosks, which will save you a lot of time.

Nothing changes if you have hold baggage with you, you will still have to go to the carrier’s deck.

What to do once landed and landed at the destination airport

If your flight is direct and you are traveling with hand luggage only, you will need to go directly to the exit. If you have delivered your hold baggage for boarding before departure, you will first have to look for the baggage drop-off indication. Then you will have to look for the number of the conveyor belt on which your baggage will be delivered on the luminous displays. As soon as you have taken your suitcase, you can go to the exit.

Flights with stopover

If your flight will include one or more stopovers, and you have purchased a single ticket with the same airline. When you get off the first plane, you will have to look for the departure gate of the next one on the board and reach it well in advance, without having to collect. Your hold baggage and have it checked on the new flight. You will only need to collect your hold baggage when you have arrived at your last destination airport.

Final tips,

For flights with a stopover, you will need to proceed with customs and recognize your baggage. Complete the immigration procedures, go through the security checks again and go to the boarding gate of the new flight. I recommend that you ask the ground hostess. You hand over your suitcase for boarding, which you will have to do at the first stop. Now that you know what to do at the airport, I have to wish you a good trip!

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These are the 7 best airlines in the world

best airlines in the world

With the arrival of the holidays, one of the most arduous tasks is to find the best flights. And all this without losing sight of the rankings of the best flight companies. As cheapness sometimes ends up being expensive, at Bekia Viajes we tell you which are the current best seven airlines according to users and Skytrax, a company that conducts surveys for passengers to evaluate the services of the different 335 airlines in the world. Catching a plane sometimes becomes an ordeal. Not so much because of the search but because of the anxiety about the insecurity that sometimes involves getting on a flight.

Recently, the awards to the best airlines have spoken and with minimal discrepancies. If not any with the traditional Skytrax list. This year’s World Airline Awards ranking has placed Singapore Airlines as the winner. If something is clear with the arrival of the results, it is that Asian companies are at the top with even three top positions on the list. There is also a space on the list for an airline of the European Union, one of the largest in Europe whose base is located at the Munich International Airport

1 Singapore Airlines (Singapore)

The quintessential airline company for much of Asia is known for launching the Airbus A380, the world’s largest airliner. As regards connections, this company is one of the main ones operating in Southeast and East Asia. In addition to offering two of the longest flights in the world; from Singapore to Newark and from Singapore to Los Angeles.

2 Qatar Airways (Qatar)

As its name suggests, it is the main company in charge of transporting airplanes in Qatar. Qatar Airways links 125 international destinations between Africa, Central Asia, Europe, South Asia, America, and Oceania with a fleet that exceeds 150 aircraft. Known for being the sponsor of Fútbol Club Barcelona in 2012. It is now one of the most prestigious airlines in the world.

3 ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)

It is the largest airline in Japan, operating to 49 destinations from its headquarters in Tokyo, and 22 destinations worldwide. The company has a large fleet that exceeds 200 aircraft and also has one of the highest numbers of workers in terms of air transport. With its latest destinations to North America, and its new routes to Mexico and Los Angeles. It has managed to position itself as one of the most chosen and awarded companies.

4 Emirates (United Arab Emirates)

Emirates is the largest airline in the East with more than 3,000 weekly flights. With its fleet of over 220 airplanes that Airbus and Boeing alternate, it operates four of the longest routes in the world without stopovers, including the one that flies from Dubai to Los Angeles. This company has been one of the strongest airlines for a long period of time making a difference in the world of aviation with service excellence and rapid growth.

5 EVA Air (Taiwan)

Eva Air is a Taiwanese aviation company that operates in more than 40 international destinations between Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. The company is one of the benchmark aviation companies for being a pioneer in the premium economy class launched in 1991 . Eva Air was known for being the first airline of Taiwanese origin to obtain IOSA accreditation. As for the fleet, it has one of the smallest on this list with just over 70 aircraft with which it offers 77 destinations.

6 Cathay Pacific Airways (Hong Kong)

The sixth company to rank as one of the best airlines in the world is based at Hong Kong International Airport . Cathay Pacific Airlynes operates in more than 200 destinations in 52 countries between Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and America. The passenger and cargo company is the tenth-largest company in the world along with its airport headquarters as the one that receives the most cargo traffic, an aspect that places it directly on the list of the best airlines.

7 Lufthansa (Germany)

The last position is for a company of the European Union, of German origin based in Cologne. It is known for being the largest airline in Europe since 2009. Lufthansa operates in 221 national and international destinations throughout the world and has a fleet of more than 250 aircraft. This company has received many prestigious awards. Including the Best Airline in Europe award given by the World Airline Awards in 2010.

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Safety rules of an Airplane

Airplane Safety rules

The safety regulations of an airplane are one of the first questions that people ask themselves when riding in this vehicle. And it is that, surely more than once you have heard how they are communicated by public address, with the help of the hostesses to warn of possible dangerous situations. In this article, we want to talk to you about the different rules that concern the safety of passengers and crew on an airplane.

Aircraft safety regulations

As you know, on the plane there are certain basic rules that it is important to comply with and that will help preserve both the safety of the passengers and the safety of the crew. Here are some of these rules, which can be uncomfortable and annoying for travelers at the same time.

Seatbelt during flight

Many times we wonder why we have to wear a  seat belt during take-off and landing of the plane. And why do the flight attendants try so hard to check person to person that we are complying with the safety regulations of an airplane? In fact, a specific luminous device is intended to indicate in which cases we have to wear it.

Now, why? Surely, if you have never experienced extreme turbulence, you do not understand why this element is so important. The truth is that movements as sudden as these can cause bumps and bruises that could be quite important for the person.

During the flight, there are two key moments which are take-off and landing. During those minutes they can produce quite violent movements. The same happens when there is turbulence. For this reason, the use of the belt on the plane is mandatory and, in addition, it is recommended to fix it enough to the body to limit movements.

The seat cannot recline

Again, this measure is designed to optimize response time to possible emergencies. In these cases, some oxygen masks can be placed under the seats or you have to clear the way to exit in an orderly manner. The seats that have to recline would take time to return to their initial position and that would make the action protocols extremely difficult.

In general, the possible passage of people should not be obstructed in any way. For safety, the aisles must be kept clear, suitcases must be placed in their compartments (well closed) and emergency exits must be left clear.

Putting on the oxygen mask

This is one of the recommendations that are always indicated on airplanes when demonstrating the guidelines to follow in the event of an accident. As the TCPs indicate to the crew, the adult must first put on the mask, and then help their children or seatmates if they need it. The truth is that it is estimated that an adult only has 15 seconds to use the mask and begin to breathe.

The adult should first secure their oxygen mask and then put on that of the minors. This is especially important if we want to help more than one person at the same time, as it will ensure that we are in the best capacity to do so. We know that the need to protect children can be high, but for the best possible result, it is preferable to start with yourself first. It is not a question of selfishness.

Use of mobile phone

This is probably one of the most questioned aircraft safety standards. People do not quite understand why you have to put the mobile in airplane mode or why it is advisable to turn it off. Previously, it was mandatory to turn it off during the entire flight, but the truth is that today this rule is restricted to landing and take-off times.

The reason for this is primarily due to radio waves. Yes! mobile devices and other devices such as tablets or computers use radio waves to communicate. These are the same ones that pilots use to communicate with airports, to receive signals on how to act. For fear of interference, this measure is used as a precaution.

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What happens if airline on strike? How to act on this moment?

airline on strike

In recent years thousands of people have inevitably been thrown into confusion as the airline they were planning to travel with has gone on strike. But despite how common this scenario has become, many still do not know where to start if facing this problem. That is why we give you all the keys to know how to act if an airline is on strike.

What to do airline is on strike?

  1. First of all, keep calm. The aviation company must announce its strike plan as soon as possible. In this way, passengers can be informed and develop an alternative action plan.
  2. In the event of a strike, you should know that the airlines will not give you any compensation for the damages that could be caused to you. However, as a passenger, you can proceed in two ways: either by asking for the ticket’s cost to be reimbursed or by asking to be placed on the flight the most immediate they can get, the airline must comply with either of the two requests.
  3. The airline is not obliged to compensate passengers for being an extraordinary case. Still, they must pay for accommodation and meals for those affected by the measure, that is, if you planned to leave your destination today and there is a pilot strike, the days you must wait for the next flight must be covered by the company.
  4. If your trip is part of some type of tour package and you are the victim of a pilot strike, you must go to the travel agency that has organized your plan. They will respond in this case.
  5. Suppose you travel with an airline ticket, without any type of tourist package. In that case, you must go directly to the counters or offices of the company, they will be in charge of solving it, but you have to be prepared for long lines, rumors and a lot of confusion, as well that it is best to keep calm.
  6. Another way to act without approaching the airport is by calling your airline’s customer service number.

It is important to remain calm in this situation. In this way, you can act more effectively. We always recommend saving a little money for the end of your trip. This way, you will have something reserved in case of an unforeseen event.

What does the air traffic controller strike entail?

The strike of the air traffic controllers can have a direct and immediate consequence:

  • The cancellation of a flight, which occurs when the flight, originally planned by the airline and on which were reserved seats, is not carried out;
  • The prolonged flight delay occurs when the departure of the aircraft is delayed for the scheduled departure time.
  • In both cases, the protection contained in Community legislation applies to travelers on:
  • scheduled flights, charter or low cost, which depart from a European Union airport;

What are the rights of travelers in case of flight cancellation?

In case of flight cancellation, passengers have the right:

Otherwise, to take another flight as soon as possible in connection with the airline’s operations. To board an alternative flight at a later date depending on your needs. The airline must also provide them with assistance.

More precisely, it must ensure travelers:

  • Meals and drinks based on waiting time;
  • Accommodation in a hotel room, if you need to spend one or more nights;
  • Transfer from the hotel to the airport and vice versa;
  • 2 phone calls or messages via telex, fax, or email.

In some cases, monetary compensation is also provided, i.e., compensation for damages, such as when a flight that does not fall within the time affected by the strike is in any case canceled as a result of the same.

Are You Embarrassed By Your Aviation Skills? Here’s What To Do

Aviation Skills

If you dream of becoming a commercial pilot of a plane, we want to tell you that the primary requirement to be able to fulfill it, are motivation and passion for aviation, if accounts with it, you can move on to review the skills that will be needed throughout the preparation in aviation school.

Aviation Skills You Need

  1. Good hand-eye coordination, similar to the skill required for console games. Also, the coordination of your eyes and your feet, the same required to drive a vehicle. These skills will allow you to react quickly and correctly.
  2. Representing and interpreting information in three dimensions is a skill linked to situational awareness. This refers to the exact perception of the factors and conditions that affect the aircraft and the crew during a specific period of time, in other words, it is the precise perception of what is happening around us to make adequate and effective decisions. This is accomplished with good training and preparation.
  3. Interpretation of maps, this skill is related to the good ability to orient yourself. It consists of developing a mental map of the information of the real world, processing the information that is shown symbolically on the map.
  4. Interpret the indications of air traffic control and the crew. Likewise, give specific instructions to them. They are generally expressed in English.
  5. Manage stress in emergency situations. You need to think fast and make wise decisions based on information in manuals, instruments, and the environment.
  6. Ability to work in a team. It is a skill that can be learned and developed and is necessary in order to achieve good communication with the crew.
  7. Working with advanced technology with speed and precision, this skill can be developed during simulator training and in aircraft.
  8. Multitasking capacity, that is, controlling several instruments at the same time, giving instructions to the crew, communicating by radio, among others. Prioritize the relevant information and leave out the rest.
  9. Good memory, to remember regulations, protocols, and instrumentation of the plane.
  10. Agility and speed of mental calculation. It helps to quickly process information and broadens the mind to handle various number problems during flight practice.

Do not worry if you feel that you are not strong in some of these skills, because in the process of preparing to become an Airplane Pilot you will learn to develop the skills you do not master and reinforce the skills you already have.

At Flying Aviation School we want to help you fulfill your dream. You can schedule a visit to the facilities to get to know our training center and aircraft up close. What are you waiting for? Request advice right now, we will solve all your doubts and we will accompany you in the process to take off your flight.

The 7 best tips to make your business trip a success

best tips to make your business trip a success

For many of you in your great jobs, the time has come to take a business trip or that opportunity will come, all for the good of the company.

To make your next work trip a success, follow these 8 great tips.

But first, and to put you a bit in context with business trips, at the national level the main destinations where you travel to do business are Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mérida, Mexico City, and paradise Cancun.

Internationally, countries such as Brazil, Argentina, the United States, China and cities such as Frankfurt and Paris are the most visited as a business center. A travel blog will keep you up to date on the best cities for business travel.

Business trips

First of all, business trips or also called business tourism by the World Tourism Organization, are essential for the growth of a company.

These can be done to attend a fair, exhibition, seminar, sales closing or search for new contacts. It is not a new trend and they open up a world of possibilities for your company.

Tips for a successful business trip

For your next, or first, a business trip to be an achievement, you just have to follow these tips to travel that as a result, will give you productive business by gaining the trust of the boss.

  1. Travel light

Usually, a business trip does not last too long, so a carry-on is recommended for traveling light. Bring only what is necessary for your meetings and work events.

Or, pack clothes that you can combine to save space, do not forget to check the weather of the city to which you will travel, this will also help you know what to pack.

  1. Take advantage of flight time

They say that time is short. As a matter of business and work, the time is very short, so if you have any pending, take advantage of the flight time. Review the presentation, study your client, or send the emails that you had pending.

  1. Organize your schedule

Something very important before going on a business trip is to check that all the tasks to be carried out are set on the agenda, in this way you will have an impeccable business meeting.

Contemplate that your agenda is well organized with the following points:

  • Customer information
  • Names and titles of Clients
  • Locations and times of where they will meet
  • Means of transport and alternatives
  • Recommended restaurants
  • Have presentations and documents ready to share
  1. Adequate accommodation

This is essential and even if your business trip is only for a day or even for a few hours, without a doubt the issue of accommodation is key to being successful in your work meeting.

Take into account that the perfect accommodation for a business trip is one that is between the place of business, the airport or a train station.

Similarly, choose a business hotel with a meeting room, cafeteria, and Wi-Fi connection.

  1. The best place to negotiate

To close deals, we recommend that you forget about holding meetings in an executive hotel or office.

A study revealed that the part of the brain that begins to make decisions is the most primitive, reacting to sensory input. Therefore, the recommendation is to get your client out of the comfort zone; Take it to a restaurant, golf course, bar, bowling alley, etc.

  1. Prepare your body and mind to travel

Coming and going on a trip together with its organization and schedule changes is usually something very tiring, which can disturb your body and mind, it is what is known as jet lag.

To avoid this we recommend you sleep well before traveling, eat well, stay hydrated, and good coffee and breakfast in the morning will avoid this discomfort.

  1. Business and pleasure combination

Of course, not everything should be work on your business trip, since you can combine it with pleasure in a perfect way.

After finishing your work duties, take some time to get to know the emblematic places of the city to which you have traveled, swim, dine or just walk.

This will help you clear your mind, think and reflect without pressure on what you saw in your business meeting.

What you should avoid on a business trip

If you want to be successful in your business trip, you must avoid taking actions that put the meeting, the negotiations, and especially your work at risk. So be a professional and avoid doing:

  • Meeting late
  • Not having notions of the client or the negotiations
  • Piss off the customer
  • Arriving drunk or drinking during the meeting
  • Overspending
  • Think you’re on vacation

Travel to all of Mexico! 

With corporate travel, you gain more experience, responsibility, and passion for your work. With these travel tips, without a doubt, you will be successful on all your business trips.

10 things you should know before traveling by plane

1. What can’t the luggage be carried?

Explosives and flammable substances are prohibited in carry-on and hold luggage. These include gas cylinders, firecrackers, among others.

For security reasons, you will not be able to carry sharp-pointed items in your luggage such as scissors with pointed ends, scalpels, corkscrew, tweezers, etc.

The strictest standards apply for liquids. You will not be able to carry more than 10 bottles of 100 ml each, packed in a transparent bag, in your hand luggage. Of the limits described, two exceptions apply to the transport of dairy foods for babies and medicines, of the latter you can carry the amount that is necessary during the trip.

2. Packing is a true art

Each airline has its own requirements regarding the size and weight allowed in carry-on and holds luggage. It is important not to exceed these restrictions because otherwise, you will have to pay an additional value for excess baggage at the airport.

Most airlines allow you to carry in the cabin, in addition to hand luggage, a second smaller bag that can be a purse or a laptop bag.

Since checked baggage will go a long way before reaching your hands again, you must pack in such a way that no fragile items are damaged or broken.

3. Prepare for check-in

Not only will they check your luggage at the airport, but they will also do a check on you before going to the departure lounge. When your turn comes, you will have to take a basket that is just before the scanner tape and put all the belongings that you carry in your pockets there. If required, you must also remove your jacket/shirt, scarf, trouser belt, etc.

Afterward, your articles will go through the scanner through the belt, and you must go through the control door, they may ask you to take off your shoes.

4. Each country has its own rules

The transport of food, for example, is not prohibited by any airline. However, some rules must be followed depending on the company, the destination, and the amount of food. Some countries, such as the USA or Australia, prohibit the entry of fresh food into their territory.

Another case applies to the territory of the European Union where the entry of food, milk, meat, and products of animal origin from countries outside the European Community is prohibited.

Therefore, we recommend you check the regulations of the destination country and the transit countries.

5. Wear appropriate clothing for air travel

It seems trivial, but your outfit is worth paying attention to. The longer the trip, the more you will be able to perceive the effects of wearing inappropriate clothing.

The most important thing is to make sure it doesn’t squeeze or bother you. Even if you are traveling during the summer, dress in such a way that you can remove your socks and coats. The plane’s air conditioning works to keep you cool.

6. Phone only in flight mode

Despite more and more information proving that cell phones do not interfere with the proper functioning of aircraft, most airlines prohibit their use during the flight. You are only allowed to use them in “flight mode“.

Some aircraft allow passengers to use the Wi-Fi network onboard. However, it is generally a paid service.

7. You can eat on the plane

It is a myth that you cannot eat during the flight. In fact, if you are on a long journey and don’t buy takeout on board, you will starve. Bring small snacks or sandwiches that are odorless or crumbly.

Only beverage restrictions apply. To avoid having it removed, buy a drink in the departure lounge after you have passed the inspection.

Children’s food is a completely different topic. Parents or guardians can bring milk or other food in case they travel with babies. During the inspection, they must be shown separately. In most airplanes, it is possible to heat food in the microwave.

8. Sweets aren’t just for kids

During takeoff and landing, pressure changes cause the ears to plug. If you also get a runny nose, you can end up having a rather unpleasant feeling. But don’t worry, there are several ways to deal with this problem.

Try chewing gum or sucking on candy. This should ease the symptoms.

Get ready to travel, take a pre-flight nap, a light meal, and try to find something fun to keep you distracted. It can be a book, your favorite music, or a movie.

9. Children can get bored

Even if you’re the biggest aviation enthusiast, kids can get bored after a long time onboard, so it’s worth being prepared for this moment. If you can’t bring her favorite toys, make sure there are enough colored pencils and a few sheets of paper. You can ask the child to make a report of his trip (how is the plane, the airport, landscape, etc.)

Another thing you can do is use word games that do not require any physical object, such as rock paper or scissors, word – word, etc. You can also fantasize about guessing which places you are passing through, what the clouds look like based on their shape.

10. You can visit the cockpit

The pilot must agree. Ideally, ask before the flight starts as afterward the pilots will have a lot of work and they will be busy. If there are no delays and the crew is not in a hurry, the captain will probably give you a tour of the cabin.

Some airlines have special loyalty programs for children where points are awarded that entitle young passengers to explore the cabin.

How to choose the best aviation training institute?

best aviation training institute

There are concerns that you want to resolve your next career and about the school that will train you for it. Let me tell you that this is healthy, as it will help you better identify your needs and fill you with arguments to make the best decision. You may not believe it, but choosing the right academy is the first step that will take you to fulfill your professional project. Here, we have presented how to choose the best aviation training institute!

Before sharing a list with you with the questions you should ask your next aviation academy, here are some useful tips that you should also keep in mind when searching for your “ideal” Institution.

How to choose the best aviation training institute?

Identify where the school is located. Think about how much you would spend in time and money to transport yourself there. Solve all the minor details and get good advice. This step can make a difference.

Analyze the state of its infrastructure, the quality of its learning environments … ask yourself if you will feel comfortable studying there.

Find out about the admission process that the Institution has, the requirements you must meet to enter, and the tests for its applicants (in case the school does them).

If you have the opportunity, talk to friends, family, or acquaintances who have studied there and ask them about their academic experience. Make a list of the strengths and improvements that you find.

After having consulted several possible places to study and confirming your initial expectations, you will be more prepared to make first personal contact with the Institution that most caught your attention in your preliminary search. You need to show off in questions, get your journalistic side, and inquire about everything related to the place where you will train. Next, we suggest a list of the ten questions you must answer before entering an Aviation Academy.

What subjects, classes or subjects will I see in my training?

Just as you read in previous articles, successful training is the foundation of your professional future. Asking about the skills you acquired in your training and the knowledge you will have will motivate you to make an informed decision. Generally, schools have no problem sharing their curriculum with applicants, do not be afraid to request it and ask for what you do not understand.

Does the school’s program meet the requirements requested by the country’s civil authority where I will be trained?

There is not much to say here. You just have to make sure that the academy you plan to comply with the certification of the competencies. This question is decisive since you must meet the requirements to process your respective license. Check that the academy you choose issues a valid title that proves that you are a Commercial Pilot, TCP Flight Attendant, DPA Air Operations Officer, Aircraft Line Technician or another aeronautical profession.

Do the instructors and teachers who will train me have guaranteed experience?

The instructors are the people who will ensure that you meet all the requirements to achieve your goal and get closer to the reality of the aeronautical sector. Who better than them to transmit that knowledge to you?   It is important that you consult with the instructors and teachers. Remember that they are the human resource that will lead you to fulfill your professional dream. Find out about their experience, their skills, the classes they will teach you, and more.

If I study Commercial Pilot, how many and what types are the planes that I can fly?

Airplanes are a transcendent part of your training as a commercial pilot. They are your step from theoretical knowledge to practice. This is why you must make sure of the type of aircraft and the academy’s amount for your training. An institution with more aircraft is more likely to schedule flights without delays and therefore guarantee more continuity in your learning. Also, do not forget the quality of the aircraft; it is essential! Ensure that your favorite academy’s airplanes undergo periodic maintenance and mainly that it has positive operational safety statistics.

If you are a Commercial Pilot, will I fly in flight trainers as in airplanes?

Although not all aviation schools offer training in flight trainers, you must ask about these and their technical specifications, since this is one of the requirements that airlines most request of their future pilots. Would you like to have knowledge in cabins such as those of an Airbus, Boeing, or King and be better prepared for a job selection process? This is an attractive plus for companies in the sector since they are the planes that the airlines use the most. Ask about the static trainer technology and the skills you will gain from training with this tool.

If I study Air Services Assistant, where will I receive my practical classes?

The career of Air Services Auxiliary requires an essential practical component, which allows students to achieve their skills as a Cabin Crew Member and train in the skills that this profile requires. For this reason, you should ask your academy, “What is the learning environment that I will have for my training?” Generally, aviation schools have TCP models similar to a real airplane, where students strengthen their knowledge. Schedule a guided tour and get up close and personal with this learning environment.

Does the Institution train me only as an Air Services Assistant or also as a Passenger Cabin Crew?

Ask about the skills you will be trained in at the academy of your choice. Ensure you receive the training you need to work in different skills that the sector is looking for. Currently, some schools will only train you in a career; others do it in an integrated way. Analyze which is the best choice for you.

Does the Institution have learning environments, laboratories or specialized workshops for the training of Airline Technicians?

This question can also be read as to where I will put my aeronautical maintenance knowledge into practice? Because it must be clear, the profession of an airplane line technician has a lot of practical competence. It is for this reason that you must make sure that your training center has optimal environments for learning, where you can train in those needs that most require the airlines or companies in the sector. Remember that it is the place where you will train and make a difference in your future work.

If I study Air Operations Officer, will I have all the tools and conditions to train in the sector’s needs?

The profession of Air Operations Officer is one of the most important in the aeronautical sector. Its functions consist of calculating the weight, fuel, routes or flight plans for an airplane, among others. It is for this reason that you must confirm that your school has everything it needs to put this knowledge into practice. In addition to verifying that there are agreements to carry out your internship in airlines or companies in the sector at the end of your theoretical stage.

What additional expenses will I have to do that are not included in the program I like the most?

Nothing better than clear rules from the beginning. Asking about those expenses that are not contemplated in the registration or the semester tuition will allow you to control your educational investment. Generally said expenses correspond to books, manuals, maps; medical exams or certificates; uniforms, among others.

As you can see, asking about the training you will receive is important and will fill you with valid arguments for the search for your “ideal” academy. Feel comfortable consulting so that in the end, you make the decision that suits you best and that makes you happier.

How to be an aeronautical engineer

aeronautical engineer

Aeronautical Engineering is a discipline in engineering and technology. It is important to know how to be an aeronautical engineer. It is one of the most valued professionals currently industrial and employment levels for its important economic and social development role. Many young people are inclined to this discipline because of their tastes and preferences. Still, to succeed in the area, it is necessary to have solid knowledge and certain professional skills.

How to be an aeronautical engineer

The Aeronautical Engineer is a professional in charge of the design, control, manufacture, and equipment capable of flying. For example, aircraft and space equipment. Due to its tasks, it is a profession that requires a diverse knowledge of aerodynamics, mechanical engineering, construction, materials, and maintenance.

Due to its function, Aeronautical Engineering is highly valued in industries and companies. Professionals in the sector can work in public or private organizations such as airlines, consultancies, aircraft manufacturing companies, air navigation companies, etc.

To work as an Aeronautical Engineer, it is vital to be able to plan and direct engineering projects and make different designs adapted to each need. These professionals must also have some special skills that will help them become benchmarks in the area.

Skills needed to be an aeronautical engineer

To develop their work and obtain optimal results, the Aeronautical Engineer must be a person with a strong analytical profile and a good creative capacity to solve any problem that may arise. Also, they must have great skills in the area of mathematics and business.

You should also have the ability to multitask and anticipate each project’s needs, so you can take the necessary precautions and be prepared in the event of unforeseen events. The curiosity and ability to work under pressure are also highly valued skills in the sector.

Objectives of the aeronautical engineering career

The objectives of the career aim to train a professional who is capable of: interpreting, analyzing, solving; direct and develop their task in areas such as:

  • Generation, transformation, and transmission of thermo-fluid-mechanical energy.
  • Mechanisms and Machines.
  • Structures of metal, wood, and composite materials.
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel, air conditioning, and emergency systems.
  • Flight machines.
  • Transport, navigation, and air control.
  • Flight control systems.
  • Hygiene, safety, and environmental pollution in aeronautics.

Identify the requirements

It allows rationalizing, modernizing, and projecting the aeronautical and airport sector in the strategic context of world trends. Implement, define, and manage the state-of-the-art technology requirements necessary for aviation and airport security in the country.

Apply the principles and standards of modern organizational and business management to manage institutions in the aeronautical and airport sectors. Design innovative proposals in the institutions and companies that serve the aeronautical and airport sectors, so that they contribute to the improvement of quality and productivity in their areas.

Generate models, businesses, and companies in the aeronautical and airport sectors to offer new products and services. In this way, competition is generated that increases employment and the added value of the said activity. Promote the arts to design air routes, airports, and support for air navigation in international civil aviation.

Meeting the needs of the world’s peoples in terms of safe, regular, efficient, and economical air transportation and follow:

  • Avoid wasting economic resources.
  • Guarantee international security.
  • Avoid bias between contracting states.
  • Promote the safety of flights in international air navigation.
  • Encourage development.

Aeronautical engineering: requirements

Some of the necessary qualities that are needed to be an aeronautical engineer are:

  • An analytical and logical approach to problem-solving, combined with creativity and imagination.
  • Ability to read and interpret engineering diagrams.
  • Work within established budgets.
  • Understanding the regulations on engineering permits.
  • Work well on your own and as part of a team.
  • The ability to stimulate other people’s ideas.
  • Be flexible and able to compromise.

Communication skills to explain complex engineering information to people who lack technical knowledge. Oral and written communication skills and ability to write reports. Organizational ability to plan your own time, coordinate resources, and ensure deadlines are met.

The willingness to take responsibility for leading and motivating others. Excellent IT skills, as much of the engineering work, involves the use of computers. Keeping up with advances in technology in such a rapidly evolving field. Interest in general aviation is also helpful. Basic or advanced knowledge of English, especially if working on international projects.

Dome specific competences of the aeronautical engineer

  • Mathematical skills.
  • Capability for computer-aided design.
  • Must be a leader.
  • Have the capacity for planning.
  • Capacity for foreign languages.
  • Report writing skills.
  • Analysis capacity.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Organizational capabilities.

Must be able to understand and interpret engineering designs. You must keep up with technological advances and have the ability to work on a budget. You must have the ability to work both alone and in a team.

Know in-depth the laws and regulations regarding engineering permits. Knowledge of the aviation industry with following this:

  • Computer skills.
  • Design airplanes, parts, and engines.
  • Flexible approach.
  • Specialized in aeronautical design, development, and maintenance study.
  • Ability to motivate, to solve problems.
  • Communicative skills.
  • Technical skills.

Test, analyze, and adapt aeronautical products. Conduct advanced aeronautical research at a university research center. Solve problems to improve safety and reduce fuel consumption, noise, or air pollution. Ensures that safety and efficiency regulations are met.

An aeronautical engineer is in charge of projecting the airport structures that serve as air navigation. They carry out the design, manufacture, and testing of all space aircraft such as airplanes, helicopters, etc. They should also check the airport facilities, be it the control tower, the landing strips, etc.

How long does it take to become a pilot?

become a pilot

Do you know how long does it take to become a pilot? How many years do you have to study to be an airplane pilot? This is a question whose simple answer is: it all depends on your pocket. But to understand it, it is necessary to explain a little more (just a little), so do not go and continue reading because we will see the minimum estimated study time and why.

The airplane pilot career is not like a college degree, like a bachelor’s or engineering degree; It is training where it will be necessary to obtain licenses and qualifications. And the duration will be lengthened if you just want to be a private plane pilot or if you want to become an airline pilot.

You also have to consider that even having the licenses and ratings, you must add the famous flight hours, hours that each person takes them out at a different time. It is not possible to say an exact number of months, but only an estimate because, as said at the beginning, it depends on your pocket and/or your luck (if you get a job that you allow to add flight hours).

How long does it take to become a pilot?

Someone who has the money to pay for the courses one after the other, courses that by completing and passing them will grant them licenses and ratings; Such a person can obtain a commercial pilot license in about 1 and a half years or less. It can take 3 years or more to become a skilled pilot.

But as mentioned, this is a kind of personal trip or personal training, so some people take 2 years with 2 months, for example, or even, some cannot easily pay for the courses and have to save between courses, having some examples of people who take 5 years. The time is variable.

Everything will depend on whether you have the money available to pay the fees (if the airline school charges fees for the courses) or pay the full course (if you have to pay in full), courses that will allow you to obtain licenses and ratings.

Curiosities inside a plane that you may not know. Normally, when the commercial pilot license is obtained, the accumulated flight hours are around 200 hours, more or less. So now, the objective is to accumulate more flight hours, but how to accumulate the hours? First, let’s see how many must be accumulated.

How many flight hours do I need to work for a commercial airline?

The minimum flight hours to work for an airline as a pilot depends on the airline, specifically as a co-pilot or second-in-command, usually called the first officer. Note: the word “co-pilot” is a practically outdated name.

Minimum hours can range from 250 hours, 500 hours, 1,000 hours, or up to 1,500 hours. As said, it depends on the airline as each one has its requirements.

The important thing is to accumulate the hours as much as possible and to go looking for the minimum opportunity to enter an airline as “the first officer” because you will not be a captain until you have enough experience. It starts from the bottom.

Maybe you’re interested: Airline logos [50 logos]. So among the ways to accumulate hours (and thus gain flight experience) is by becoming a flight instructor, spraying fields, air tours, etc. What’s more, several students get work from something else so that they can pay for a couple of flight hours a month and thus add up.

Some have it more difficult than others and some have it easier than others. It is normal. Life is unequal because everyone is in different situations. But if you want to be a pilot, take heart that if others have been able to do it, you can too.


The study or training time depends not only on the time it takes to obtain licenses and ratings but also on the flight hours. The cases are different and some take little time and others take longer, as has been explained.

How long does it take to become an airline pilot?


Become a pilot is a training system, promoted by three prestigious international aviation organizations: IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), and IFALPA (International Federation of Airline Pilot Associations). It almost takes 90 days to 120 days to become a skilled pilot. This system aims to train pilots practically, instead of measuring the execution of maneuvers and facts individually. In other words, it is committed to training where all the factors are practiced at the same time, instead of doing it separately.

How long does it take to become an airline pilot?

At first, the basic competencies that a pilot must acquire are identified:

  1. Application of procedures
  2. Communication
  3. Flightpath management, automation
  4. Flightpath management, manual control
  5. Leadership and teamwork
  6. Problem-solving and decision making
  7. Analysis of the situation
  8. Workload management (quantity)

In the EBT, each competition is accompanied by a performance indicator, which measures whether the pilot’s capabilities reach the expected levels. It takes almost 3 to 4 months. So let’s start by briefly describing each competency:

1. Application of procedures

The application of procedures refers to the ability to identify a situation and to be able to apply the procedures that best suit the situation.

For this competition, it is considered a performance indicator, for example, that the pilot follows the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) unless a higher degree of safety is implemented or that he knows how to identify and follow instructions punctually and promptly.

 2. Communication

This competence is defined as applying verbal and non-verbal language to manage all kinds of situations, even those for which the pilot did not previously train.

Behavioral indicators can be the appropriate selection of what, when, how, and with whom to communicate; the use of eye contact, body movement, and gestures, which are consistent with the support of verbal messages.

 3 – 4. Flightpath management

This section includes the third and fourth competences. It is based on the management of the flight and its trajectory. In the third, the use of automation systems is measured and the fourth in the manual control.

These competencies aim to measure the same thing, but through different systems, they have similar behavioral indicators. One of them is, for example, that the pilot can keep the aircraft (plane, light aircraft, etc.) within the appropriate flight envelope.

The flight envelope is the set of aircraft parameters, such as speed or altitude, for the aircraft to control. If it leaves the flight envelope, either due to speeding or some other, the aircraft could lose control.

They are only distinguished on two points between competencies, such as controlling the plane safely using only the relationship between altitude, speed, and force.

5. Leadership and teamwork

It is based on the effective demonstration of leadership and teamwork. When evaluating this competence, the performance indicators will be, for example, if the pilot can understand and accept the crew’s roles and objectives.

Remember that the world of aviation is very hierarchical. Each member of the crew must know their position and how to act with others based on it.

Also, other factors are also measured, such as whether the pilot can project self-control at all times.

 6. Problem solving and decision making

The ability to identify risks and solve problems is defined; and the appropriate use of decision-making processes. The behavioral indicators that highlight the pilot can identify and verify what has gone wrong and why. Also, the pilot can correctly prioritize the different factors or that he is the ability to improvise in unforeseen situations is valued positively within the training.

7. Analysis of the situation

This refers to the perception and understanding of all the relevant information available and the ability to anticipate possible events that may affect the operation.

As for indicators of behavior, the pilot’s ability to anticipate possible scenarios is evaluated and that, consequently, he plans the flight strategy and stays above the situation at all times.

8. Workload management

It is the efficient management of available resources to perform tasks on time in all circumstances. The instructors for this competition measure whether the pilot can. Dor example, maintain self-control at all times or plan, prioritize, and schedule tasks correctly.

4 Useful tips to get cheap flight tickets

tips to get cheap flight tickets

Have you ever been in the situation when the person sitting next to you discloses that their flight ticket was much cheaper than the money you have paid for the same flight? This seems quite frustrating with all the relevant research and comparison you had performed for having a cheap flight deal only to hear that someone sitting next to you on the same flight has beaten you with a fair margin towards getting lucrative flight ticket offers and cheapest flight tickets.

Let us look at some useful tips that can get you the cheapest flight tickets:

  1. Book in advance

Out of the numerous smarter ways to find cheap flight deals is booking early. It is still the best option because most of the flight tickets start at a modest price about six months before the date of the journey and then the ticket price goes on increasing as the journey date approaches. It is not always feasible to decide the date of travel at such an early stage, but if you can do that, you can win half of the battle. For this, you need to subscribe to the mailing list of most of the familiar airline companies that have flights on your travel route. This will ensure that you won’t miss any offer and have knowledge of the latest flight offers as they arrive.

  1. Look for discounted options

In today’s competitive market airline companies are bound to come up with lucrative deals and attractive flight ticket offers time and again. Most of the flights have discounted tickets to a certain extent. You’d have seen airline companies running ad campaigns and offering very cheap flight tickets on certain routes. Here also the early bird option comes into play. The quicker you book, the higher is the early bird incentive you receive on the discounted seats. Busy schedules are liable to get booked fast, so you need to act fast and secure your place before the enticing offers lapse.

  1. Be informed

You’ve already given yourself an edge over others by subscribing to the mailing list of certain airline companies. Round the corner, you can also contact the prospective airline companies over the phone to know about the cheap flight offers. Most of the time, it just requires making a phone call to get all the vital information for knowing the exact release dates of the flight tickets. Don’t be under the false interpretation that the tickets not purchased to date would be offered at a discounted rate later. That’s rare to happen because airline companies would take all sorts of efforts to avoid such a situation and reward the passengers who book early.

  1. Rewards and incentives

There are ways such as miles offered to regular members and flyers that enable you to save on your flight purchases. You can earn Miles in a number of ways; commonly they are offered as incentives for your purchases and hotel bookings. You can also receive them as a gift from someone or transfer and gift Miles to your loved ones and enable them to save on their flight bookings.

So, next time when someone next to you says he has got cheaper flight tickets, probably you will have beaten him!

Do you really need good option for your car cover?

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It is something very important, that one needs to keep track of many people are very confused and do not know what they should be doing, their looking for solutions and that really helps. If you can find good options that will make the process much easier and you will never have a problem.

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Tips for choosing a good meat grinder

The meat grinder is among the vital kitchen equipment. Choosing the best meat grinder is a very tiresome task. That is because many people do not know what features to consider when selecting a meat grinder. Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss some of the essential things one should consider when choosing the best meat grinders. These tips will help you to avoid picking an unworthy meat grinder. It is clear that in most of the kitchens, it is hard to get a meat grinder because many people do not know things that they should consider when buying. In this article, we are therefore going to discuss in detail the things to consider before buying a meat grinder.

Some of the things are:

The grinder power source

The power source of the grinder is among the things to consider when buying a meat grinder. The power source of a meat grinder can either be manual or electric. Electric Meat grinders are the grinders that use electricity to operate. Electric meat grinders have a motor that is attached to the blades that help in grinding the meat. When the power is connected, the motors rotate the blades, and hence they grind the meat into the desired size. The manual meat grinders contain crank that is turned by the use of hands. In this type of meat grinders, one uses his/her efforts to grind the meat. The manual meat grinders are handy if you want to grind a small amount of meat for your home use. If you want to grind meat to use in a party or other occasions, it is essential to consider the electric grinders since they are faster than the manual ones. Therefore depending on the purpose of the meat grinder, you can choose between electric or manual meat grinders.

Ease of use

It is essential to consider the ease of use of any meat grinder before choosing it. That is because depending on the ease of use, the grinder will serve you effectively. If you choose a grinder that is not easy to use, definitely it might waste much of your time whenever you want to use it. Let look, for instance, the manual grinders, and those grinders will require one to use his/her energy to grind the meat. Therefore ensure the rotating parts are moving so that you will not have to apply more effort when grinding the meat. For the electric meat grinders, check the setting knobs, the quality of the motor, the power rating, and much more. The feed tube is also an essential thing to consider because the volume of the meat you will grind will depend on the size of the feed tube. The more the feed tube is large, the more it can accommodate meat when grinding. Therefore before buying any meat grinder, ensure it is easy to use.

Other essential accessories

When choosing a meat grinder to buy, it is necessary to consider if it has other accessories. Those accessories are such as additional grinding plates, sausage making attachments, pasta maker attachment, food pusher, extra cutting blades, and safety maintenance manuals among many more. The reasons why it is essential to consider those other accessories is because those accessories are crucial in the kitchen. Also, those accessories determine the effectiveness of the meat grinder. For instance, you may need to prepare some sausages after grinding the meat. If your meat grinder has an attachment for making sausages, it will be effortless for you. Check the different accessories provided with the meat grinder before buying. Choose the meat grinder that has most of the accessories that you will need.

Consider the size

Another very essential thing to consider when choosing a good meat grinder is the size. The size matters a lot because if you choose the wrong size, definitely you will have to keep moving your meat grinder every time you want to use it. Before buying the meat grinder, check the available space where you will be keeping it. If the available space is little, choose a meat grinder that is not so big. Ensure even if the grinder size is small, it can serve you well. Some grinders are designed to occupy a very small size and still has all the features needed. For instance, you can choose a grinder that can fit in a small cabinet. Thus, consider the size of the meat grinder before buying to avoid choosing very bigger or small meat grinders depending on the available space. If possible, measure the available space and use it to find the correct size meat grinder.

Consider durability

Durability refers to the maximum duration that the meat grinder will serve you after buying. If you choose a good meat grinder, definitely it will help you for a long time. The essential things to consider here to determine are such as the material used to make the grinder. Most of the best quality grinders have an aluminum body. That is because the aluminum metal is sturdy and durable. The aluminum meat grinders can withstand different usage plans. Therefore before buying the meat grinder, ensure the quality is excellent, and quality starts with the material used.

The cutting blades

Another essential aspect to consider when choosing the grinder is the cutting blades. The blades should be made of stainless steel. That is because the stainless steel is resistance to rust, is durable and can maintain sharpness for a more extended period. Therefore you will not require frequent sharpening. Blades made of other material apart from stainless steel can contaminate your food with the rust present on them.

Therefore by considering all the above-discussed information, definitely you will be able to choose the best meat grinders.

A guide to buying the best green drinks

Choosing a green drink can be a daunting task bearing in mind that, in the modern-day at the time, there is a variety of them and the industry is growing very fast with over 5 billion dollars every year. In today’s world, it has become a trend to walk around holding a bottle of a shaker filled with a green drink. Whether you have mixed it with a green drink or grinding it at your home, you will be adding to the growth of the industry.

When you talk about the green drink powder, there are several superfoods in the market and thus, it might be hard for you to choose one among the many. That is why it is important to know the essential things you should consider before settling for the best one. When you are choosing a green drink, the following are some of the factors that you will need to consider:

The three factors that you will need to choose the best green drink – ICT

ICT is not a technical term which you will be required to have any special education in order to understand. What it means is that, for you to choose green tea, you will need to consider: Ingredients, Cost, and Taste. You have to first judge the ingredients which are in it, what it costs, and how it will taste. The best green drink will be able to qualify for all the three.

  • What are the ingredients included in a green drink which is healthy?

Most of the green drinks follow the same pattern when it comes to their formula. The base used for any green drink formulation tends to be the same with some including extra ingredients in the form of enzymes and probiotics.

When you go to the green drink which is high end, you will find them containing antioxidants and herbs whereas replacement of meals and drinks that are green will contain proteins to their formula in order to make it a meal diet which is complete.

When you are looking for green drink ingredients, ensure that it includes foods which are from the three categories. It is not a must that it has to include ingredients from all the categories, but a product which is goodwill all the time give you more than you require.

Mostly the green drinks are generally put into three categories based on their ingredients. There are those drinks with grasses including wheatgrass, alfalfa, an barley. The next one is the green drinks with sea vegetables like the chlorella, dulce, algae, and spirulina. The last one is green drinks which have green vegetables including spinach, broccoli, and carrots.

  • What value is contained in green drink supplements of the superfood?

Cost and value are two different things. Cost refers to the amount you will be able to pay for a product while value refers to the product and if it is worth the amount of the cost you are paying. What you should look for when choosing a green drink, are the serving that you are getting, the potency of that serving, and the serving value.

  • What is the taste of a great healthy green drink?

Most of the people around tend to hate the green due to the taste it has. In most instances, the green drink you take, whether purchased or produced at home tends to taste horrible. This is due to the ingredients which are used to produce them.

This is because, their ingredients include a big number of seafood, green vegetables, and grasses together with probiotics, giving prominent results but the taste is that, it makes very few to be able to swallow. But there is a way to make them taste better by mixing them up with other smoothies to make them taste better and great.

  • Top-rated among the many: You will need to examine the various green drinks that are available in the market before you settle for what you consider to be the best. Though there are various green drinks in the market and it might not be an easy job to be able to examine all of them, you can just pick a few and find out which among them is the best for you. Check out their ingredients and what it can be able to do to your body.

The greatest green drink powder in the market might be too costly but the potency of each of their serving is great. You should check out other servings to find out what they consist of, whether they have more potency than what you have chosen, and if the cost of each serving is less as compared to your chosen product.

Should you do a green smoothie only diet? For long term basis, it is not advisable to take a green smoothie only diet. It should not exceed 10 days when you are doing a green smoothie cleanse. It is good for busting through the weight loss plateau or you can utilize it to kick start a diet change and lifestyle. But if you attempt to do a 100% green smoothie for a very long time, it is likely going to lead to problems with your health and thus, a need to avoid it. Never try to do it to the extreme as the advantages might just turn to disadvantages and cause you more harm.

Testosterone – Does it really work?

There are a lot of ways through which you can increase the level of testosterones in your body and most of them are illegal. Due to this fact, many people are interested in knowing different types of products that are harmless and fulfil the purpose as well. These steroids no doubt produce great apparent results but come with certain side effects which are actually really harmful for your body. Different side effects that can lead to serious troubles might include:

  • Mood Swings
  • Heart issues
  • Rise and fall in your blood pressure
  • Hair loss
  • Face acne

In such a situation, it is really difficult to find a true product which will not cause such problems. This can only be attained if you use organic products like testogen and avoid using steroids which are totally harmful for your body in the longer run. Being a product of Wolfson berg Limited, this is a true natural ingredient product and it offers a lot of advantages to your body. This will increase the level of testosterone in your body and you will start feeling a new energy in your whole system. Let us have a look at the main ingredients that are used to make this product.

D-Aspartic Acid: It is considered to be the main ingredient because it is responsible for the increase of hormone level. If you are a gym guy, you must know that this is also used in many other supplements which are responsible for increasing the strength. This ingredient would also boast up your sex drive and is known to increase the erection.

Panax Ginseng: this is one of the finest herbs present on earth and it comes with a lot of advantages especially to your sex life. Many doctors suggest supplements with this drug to deal with erectile dysfunction problem. If you really want to increase the level of satisfaction during your sex, you should use products with this ingredient and testogen is the best to be used in this aspect.

Bioperine: Our body has a natural system of absorbing different nutrients, bioperine offers an additional support in absorbing extra things that testosterone boaster is offering. It is a required addition to the medicine because otherwise our body would not be able to absorb everything that is being offered to it through this drug.

Magnesium: it is a mineral naturally present in our body and is responsible for increase in the testosterone level. A regular intake of this mineral has proven benefits and this will maintain the level at an adequate position.

What is testogen and what benefits can be derived with its intake?

This product comes with numerous benefits, some of which might not appear at early consumption but will surely be felt at some later stage. Some of the main advantages that your body will enjoy with regular consumption are enlisted below:

  • Increase in the stamina and energy
  • Helping your body to produce testosterone naturally
  • Erection problem is solved, you will feel more satisfied during sex
  • Fat is burned and muscle building is supported
  • Recovery of muscles is improved thus helping you do more workouts

If a product is helping you produce testosterone naturally then nothing can be better than this and testogen has this quality. With all the above mentioned advantages, you will in turn start getting a better sleep because when body is working at a better pace, your sleep routine is the first thing that comes to order. If you are a gym guy, you should take this supplement to increase your strength and bring your muscles in a better shape in lesser time.

Bedroom vs Gym:

This pill has dual benefit, if you have crossed your puberty and you are ready to build your muscles and want to increase your sex drive, then start taking this pill which will surely help you in your bed and at the gym bench as well. This is all about strength and both these places require a man to be stronger. If you are weak and feel shy to discuss such a stuff with anyone, consult your doctor and discuss about taking a natural ingredient like testogen to boast your strength in no time.


Dosage will purely depend on your personal physique and you should always consult your physician for that. If you take the medicine as per the instructions and do not do overdose then there are no side effects, however if you take more than required quantity or do not give your body a break, you might get the harmful side effects. Therefore, always try to stay natural and take the pills as prescribed. Usually a one and a half month break is recommended after a usage for two months. This is enough for your body to retain the ingredients and bring strength to your body at maximum level.

This is a complete organic supplement and you would not feel any problem in its consumption. The advantage of consulting your personal doctor is that he will assess the dosage and any particular side effects to your body. This product comes with a money back guarantee. If you do not get the results you can get your money back! This is not just a marketing tactic, because you will never regret using this product. Powerful ingredients in this product will bring natural strength in your body that is otherwise hidden inside you.

Every thing to know about dandruff – causes, treatment, prevention and symptoms

It is embarrassing to have dandruff. The problem of dandruff can start early in life. Dry climates and seasonal changes contribute to dandruff as well.

Here is a complete guide on dandruff, its causes, treatment, symptoms and prevention.

Why do people get dandruff?

Dandruff is caused due to imbalances in scalp micro – organisms. The skin on the scalp is home to bacteria and yeast. When imbalances occur amongst these micro – organism dandruffs are formed. Click here to learn more.

What are the causes of dandruff?

The root cause of the dandruff is drying of scalp. However, there are other factors that exacerbate the condition. They are as follows:

  1. Oily skin – It is caused due to the conditions like dermatitis. Seborrheic dermatitis causes white or yellow scales. It affects the areas that are rich in oil glands. One such area is the scalp
  2. Dry skin – If a person has dry skin since birth his scalp will also likely to be dry. Else, if the person has eczema, his scalp becomes flaky, dry and itchy
  3. Not shampooing – If the person does not wash the hair on regular basis, oil cells build up in the scalp. This leads to dandruff. Male hormones called androgen is secreted in both male and female bodies. If the threshold level of these hormones increases, the scalp becomes oily or greasy.
  4. If the hair is not brushed regularly, the dead skin builds up in the scalp increasing the dandruff
  5. Over exposure to the sun or heat dries the scalp increasing the dandruff
  6. Air pollution increases dandruff. This is because chemicals in the air cause irritation and allergic reactions on the scalp. This causes dandruff
  7. Alkaline shampoo – People with dry scalp and dandruff should use acidic shampoo. This is because the acids make the scalp itchy and flaky. Certain cosmetic hair products build up in the scalp and cause greasiness which leads to dandruff formation.
  8. Unbalanced diet – One should have Vitamin – B, zinc and fats help to prevent dandruff from developing
  9. Stress – Stress creates vicious cycle of itch – scratch. The more a person scratches, the itchier the scalp becomes

What are the symptoms of dandruff?

The signs and symptoms of dandruff include

  1. Itchy scalp, scaly facial skin, recurrent ear
  2. Oily scalp
  3. Rashes above eyebrows
  4. Rashes in the beard areas
  5. White flakes on shoulders
  6. Facial skin with dry flakes
  7. Rashes in the chest with red spots

Dandruff can be located in the areas that have hair follicles.

When to consult a doctor?

Usually dandruff heals after 3 to 4 continuous hair washes. It also vanishes by moisturizing the scalp with oil. But in some cases, it worsens. In such cases, one needs to consult a doctor. Here are certain symptoms that require a dermatologist consult

  1. Hair loss
  2. Increasing redness in the follicles

Diagnoses of dandruff

A medical profession easily diagnoses dandruff by just looking at it. However, there are certain cases where the dandruff treatment requires deeper analysis. In such cases the following diagnoses are done

  1. Skin scrapings
  2. Microscopic evaluation – the scraped scales are looked under microscope to confirm if they are not fungal infections
  3. Skin biopsies – A small piece of skin is removed to exclude the causes like lupu, psoriasis and other skin diseases.

What is the prognosis for dandruff?

Dandruff is not curable. However, it is controllable. Dandruffs can be controlled with medicated shampoos. Babies generally out grow their dandruff problems.

Tips to prevent dandruff or get rid of dandruff

  1. Diet change – High carbohydrate diet can buildup glycogen in the skin. Yeast on the scalp feeds on glycogen. Hence, they outgrow in numbers than that of bacteria. This leads to dandruff. Therefore, one should take less carbs.
  2. Drink more water – The main reason for dandruff is dryness of scalp. Therefore, one should drink lots of water to keep the scalp hydrated
  3. Washing the hair more often. One should also moisturize the scalp more often. Make oils sit on the scalp for longer duration. This prevents the accumulation of dead skin that makes the scalp dry.
  4. Exfoliating the scalp. Exfoliating the scalp lifts the top layer of the dry skin. One can use salicylic acid to exfoliate the scalp. Click here to learn more.
  5. Oil based treatments help to reduce dandruff. The treatment controls the excess oil production. Applying oil attracts like substances and helps to remove the oil inside the scalp. Gently apply warm oil on the scalp to achieve this.
  6. Never go for a special shampoo. Every shampoo acts the same way on the dandruff. There are certain products in the market which comes with a tag “anti – dandruff”. Any shampoo with salicylic acid is a good cure for dandruff.
  7. If one insists on using such shampoos, then make sure to wash the scalp alone. This is because anti – dandruff shampoos dry the hair.
  8. Avoid scratching. This is because, it increases dandruff in the scalp. Also, scratching causes inflammation and irritation.

What are the treatments for dandruff?

  1. Use of pyrithione zinc shampoos – they reduce the fungus in the scalp
  2. Tar based shampoo – It helps to cure conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and psoriasis. It slows down the dying of skin cells in the scalp.
  3. Shampoos in salicylic acid – these are fast cures. However, leaves the scalp dry.
  4. Selenium sulfide shampoos – It slows the skin cells from dying. Rinse well after use. This is because they can discolor the blond, grey or chemically colored hair.
  5. Ketoconazole shampoo – It is an anti – fungal agent.

These shampoos have to be used regularly till the dandruff is controlled.

Dandruff is worst in winter

Of all season, dandruff is triggered in winter. This is because people tend to eat more foods that commonly trigger dandruff in winter. Most people do not shampoo in colder months.

7 reasons to visit New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a French collectivity located in the Southwest of Pacific. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is included in almost all the cruises to Australia. It is the best place for sea lovers. The waters are filled with corals. One does not need visa to visit New Caledonia. They accept Australian dollars and US dollars. Many Traveljournal describe the place as Paradise of the earth. This is mainly because the place is filled with lagoons, waterfalls, cliffs, white sand and crystal clear turquoise blue waters.

There are several reasons to visit New Caledonia. Here are a few

Crystal clear water

The sea water here is of a rare unique blue color. It is called the turquoise blue. The water is completely transparent. Even at 50 feet depth, one can spot a fish at the sea bed. The view of the sea water from the cliffs along the coasts are simply the best. There are underwater caves that are filled with fresh water that are 60 feet deep. Many scientists have mentioned that there are too many hidden scientific facts in these caves

Diverse Nature

The place has every type of landform. There are mountains, beaches, rivers, lakes, caves, volcanos, cliffs, etc. This allows it to support innumerous activities. Scientists explain in Traveljournal and science magazines that the diversity of the island is mainly because it is situated along the ring of fire stretch. These are delicate demarcations between the tectonic plates.

Therefore, the number of activities in the region is also more. There are trekking, mountain biking, scuba diving, river rafting, skiing, para gliding, bungee jumping, etc. There are also horse rides. Hiking can be very well enjoyed. Choose the path according to likes and capability. Some love to walk through forest and some others love to climb mountains. Every type of nature lover has his choice fulfilled in New Caledonia.


Usually the summers are crowdy as many cruises visit New Caledonia during this time. If one hates hot climate, avoid visiting between November and February. As it is located in the southern hemisphere, their seasons are different. Their climate is similar to that of Australian climate. Travel magazines like traveljournal suggest that the best time to visit New Caledonia is between March and November. One can also avoid visiting between December and February as there are tropical cyclones during these months.

Top activities in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a ‘Jewel of the Pacific’. There are lot of water sporting activities that are exclusively best suited to be enjoyed on coral reefs. Here are some of those activities that can be enjoyed only in New Caledonia thoroughly

Scuba Diving

The following are the best scuba diving spots in New Caledonia:

  1. Illot Canard
  2. Amedee Island – The island is spotted with a light house. Here the Amedee diving club offers scuba diving. The divers here speak French more fluently.
  3. Lagoon of Poe
  4. Hienghne
  5. Grand Terre – The Barrier Reef in this island is the second largest in the world after the Great Barrier reef. The place is rich in bio – diversity. It supports dugongs, sharks and turtles. There are colorful fishes.


Snorkeling is the most common sport activity in the island. The tourists can just pick a pair of snorkel glasses in the sea shore and enter the waters. There is not even a single point in New Caledonia where the water is deep. Hence, the safety of every visitor is assured.

The following are the best places to snorkel in New Caledonia:

  1. Duck Island
  2. Tamounou reef – The reef has underwater tunnels. This makes the snorkeling experience unique. These tunnels are formed as a result of erosion of sea water. Do not miss the floating restaurant while visiting Tamonou reef.
  3. Lemon Bay – This is best suited for those who are on their family vacation. The bay consists of small lagoons that are rented to families separately. This provides greater privacy and better enjoyment.
  4. Largnere islets – These are in Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia.
  5. Jokin cliff – the cliff stands in the water. It is completely surrounded by water without shore line. One can spot the base of the cliff that is 50 feet deep through the water. The waters are pristine and crystal clear adding to the beauty of the cliff.
  6. Isle of Pine – This island is at a 4-hour boat ride from Noumea. It does belong to New Caledonia. The island is known for its natural pools


The Bourail region of New Caledonia is best suited for surfing. March, April and May are the best months to surf in the island. There are also windsurfing and kite surfing. As the land is narrow, the experiences of these activities are totally different.


Dumbea river offers kayaking. One can also enjoy kayaking in the Blue river national park. Kayaking as a family always increases the bond and is fun filled

Mountain biking

Bourail is the absolute spot for mountain biking. The paths are 40 km long. It offers more than 20 biking paths.

Apart from sport activities the place also has culture centers, museums for explorers and learners. Tjibaou cultural centre displays art and traditions of the Kanak population. Traveljournal mentions that the Kanak population consists of the primitive dwellers of the island.

Some important features of online retailers

The world is now completely digitalized and there are a lot of new innovations in it and most of them are increasing the ease for the customers at the end.

The online retailer is one such innovation which is changing the world for a positive. They are having everything you need and would give you a discount as well. You don’t need to visit them in person and they will deliver the products right at your home. These are some of the things which make them a good choice for customers all over the world.

Today we are going to discuss what all should be offered by a good retailer to make sure that the right kind of comfort is given to the customer at the end of the day. A good online retailer offers the following:


The reviews of the products are the most important thing these days and that is where most of them manipulate the customers. They try to give a fake review just to increase their sales. The sales should not be the agenda of the retailer rather they should be focused on providing the right kind of service to the customers. They are just a middle man between the producer and the customers, they should not try to manipulate the customer rather dig the information about the product and then provide them the true information.

Define the product

The retailer should define the product using the correct information; the false information can never give them the trust of the customers because they will not go back to that store next time. On the other hand, if they are providing honest reviews, everyone will love to purchase different items from them for their honesty. The customers need a good product at the end of the day and they need to make sure that they provide them a good product.


Super Fine deal is a combination of the honest reviews and the best prices in the market. This sounds like a perfect combination and lets you choose from different varieties and gives you the best price at the end of the day.

The quality products are their identity and with that, they are also providing a discount to the customers up to 70%. Different kind of discounts and roundups are very important for any retailer and they can save the budget of the customer as well.

Make sure that you choose a retailer which is providing different discount offers on all the important events of the year making it easy for you to manage your purchases.

You will always get a good quality product from them that too with the best price tag in the whole market.

Pros and cons of products

It is very important to give complete information about the product to the user; the retailer should provide detail information about the product, including the pros and cons of the product. They should guide them completely about the product and help them make a good decision at the end of the day.

Some of the best retailers are featuring the pros and cons of hundreds of products and make sure that the customers read them before making a choice about the purchase of that product.

How products work

It is important to give information about the working of a product to the customers to help them know about the product. Although the functioning of a product is already mentioned on the packaging of the product it is good if the retailer is giving information about the working procedure of any product.

This would further help the customer in choosing the product by knowing about the working of the product.

Exclusive facts

The retailers should give exclusive facts about the products to the customers and make sure that these facts are completely true. No need to give fake facts just to boost their sales. They should provide the true facts to the customers and let them make their own purchase decision.

The facts should include the pros and cons of the products as well to make sure that they know these things and then make a final decision about the product.

Price comparison

This is indeed a pro feature offered by retailers all over the world and should be the priority of all the retailers, they should compare their own price with all other leading retailers and then inform the customer about it.

The customer can have an idea about the lowest price and then choose that store for shopping. When they provide the comparison, they make sure that the lowest price is offered by their own store, the customer will surely select them and visit them next time as well.

This is an important feature and increases the confidence of the customer about the store. They know that they are offering the best prices in the market.

Product comparison

This is also important, the online retailers should compare the products of the same categories and give reviews about them to the customers and let them choose the best product at the end.

Given the pros and cons of those products and they will choose the one which is more suitable for them. These are important things and the stores providing this information are surely successful in the market.


These are some of the things which all the online retailers need to provide to their customers for better results. They should try to focus on their quality and service.

Important facts about kratom

It is absolutely normal to look for items that can make you feel better. Looking in nature is an understandable step. In many cases, nature can offer better and more efficient answers. Kratom is one of these answers. This plant is offering a solution to many problems. For example, many people prefer using kratom for a mood lift. So, what is the true story behind kratom and how can it help you?

  • What is kratom?

Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is a tree that is native to the Southeastern part of Asia. This tree belongs to evergreen tropical trees. It is also a member of the coffee family. Kratom is available in huge amounts in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and other neighboring countries. Kratom strains are extracted from the tree leaves. These strains have gained a reputation due to their ability to soothe pains. There are even types of these strains that are used for treating addiction withdrawal symptoms.

Kratom can’t grow in a natural way outside the Southeast Asian region. Rainforests in this area are their natural home. Vendors and suppliers are selling the products in the U.S and Europe after they import them from these countries. Kratom strains are legal in the U.S. So, you can find these products easily in online or land-based stores specialized in alternative medicine. You can get it in form of tablets, powder, and capsules. You can find it in form of paste as well. Kratom strains are available in 3 different colors, red vein, white vein Borneo and green vein.

Kratom is famous for providing stimulant and sedative effects. These effects are associated with the type of kratom and your body readiness.

  • Different influences of kratom

The impact of kratom strains can be divided into two main categories. It can either be a sedative or stimulant. Although both influences are on the opposite side of each other, kratom can achieve them both. The effect depends on the type of kratom, doses, frequent consumption, and quality of strains.

Kratom can actually help you feel energetic and active. You don’t have to take huge portions to feel this way. It only takes small amounts of kratom and you will start kicking. It usually takes about ten minutes to start feeling the effect. Usually, the impact remains for about 10 hours. You will become more alert and in a better mood.

As for sedative impact, they are usually associated with bigger doses. Sedation from kratom can soothe you completely and make you reach euphoria. The sedative impact can remain with you for about five hours. The levels of sedation can vary from basic pain relief to extreme analgesia. You can understand more about the effects of kratom when you check this website out

  • Different types of kratom

It could be a bit difficult to tell the types of kratom apart. It requires a closer look at the color of the plant leaves. There are basically three colors. You can find red, green, or white kratom. There is a certain type that can stimulate your body, while another one can soothe it. There is another type that combines all effects of kratom at the same time.

Your condition, your area, and the climate you are living in can contribute to the expected impacts of kratom. You need to understand your situation fully and the advantages of each type to choose wisely. Making a wise choice will definitely increase your benefit to the max.

Kratom strains come in various types. They are not only categorized according to leaves’ color. In fact, the growing area is a major factor in identifying a strain. Growing area and environment contribute to the features of each strain type. Strains don’t have to be the same just because they grow naturally in South Asian tropical forests. Each type growing in a particular area will have a certain concentration of chemicals and alkaloids.

  • Popular types of kratom

It is not a secret that you can find various strains and colors of kratom. Many popular types of kratom vary in popularity. Thai kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, and Borneo are examples of the most popular types of kratom. Some people are using kratom for a mood lift. Other people are using certain types of kratom to chill out and relax.

  • Maeng Da Kratom

The leaves of this strain are available in white and red colors. You can depend on the high doses of red Maeng Da in getting energetic and increasing your focus. High doses of white Maeng Da will let you find euphoria. This strain is famous for its powerful impact. Studies proved that the leaves contain high levels of mitragynine. This component is responsible for alleviating aches and improving mood and increasing the levels of energy.

High doses of Maeng Da kratom can help people who have tough manual work. It helps in boosting their energy. It also works perfectly for improving your mental ability to focus. There is no proof of the origins of this plant. You can’t really know for sure where exactly did it come from. This can support the speculations regarding the involvement of genetic engineering in growing the plant.

Consuming Da Maeng Kratom can significantly improve your pains. It can actually be an ideal substitute for the usual painkiller. You can trust this kratom if you are suffering from chronic aches.

How to choose comfortable pickleball shoes

Looking for pickleball footwear that is comfortable is very crucial. The reason as to why one must look for comfortable shoes when playing pickleball is because comfort brings a good playing experience. Comfort is also key to avoid any unnecessary injuries. You can never play well and good when you are suffering. You have to make sure that you are comfortable always when you are playing to stand a chance to be the best. There are so many ways through which one can choose comfortable pickleball footwear. Below are some of the ways to know that a shoe is comfortable

Choose features that are comfortable

The first step when you are choosing a comfortable and the best pickleball shoes 2019 is through looking for features that can offer you maximum comfort. Below are some comfort features to note

  • Look for designs that are built for comfort

There are so many pickleball shoes out there but not all of them are built in a comforting manner. Some manufacturers forget the comfort factor and replace it with style. The style will never help you in any way when you are playing pickleball. Choose a shoe that will not give you unnecessary injuries such as blisters and other skin tearing effects during the game. The shoe should be made in a manner that reduces friction considering that you will be in motion most of the time. The ankle collar should be present to prevent rubbing and friction. The middle sole of the shoe should be able to absorb shock and help in the controlling of the foot motion.

  • Flexibility

Another comforting thing to look for when choosing the best pickleball shoes 2019 is flexibility. When playing pickleball, it is true that a lot of movement is involved. You should never be in a situation where the shoes are the ones making you not to be on time. Flexibility comes with the right weight and the right support. You can always test these features before you decide on purchasing a shoe for your game. You can test shoe flexibility by yourself. Wear the shoe and try running on them or pretend you are playing. That way, you will know if the shoes will hinder your movement or will be flexible enough to support your movement.

  • Weight

Weight is very important when it comes to choosing pickleball shoes. Choose shoes that you will be able to move around with. Also, the weight of the shoes that you choose will determine if you will have enough support, balance, and comfort. The factors that affect the shoe weight are the material and the sole. To make sure that the shoe you are about to choose is of the right weight, you can always test. Wear the shoes then try moving with them.

  • Cushioning

Choosing a shoe with the right cushioning is very important. Different types of shoes have different types of cushioning depending on the activity that you are involved in. For example, shoes for running always have more cushion on the heel side. Shoes for walking will always have more cushion on the ball side. Always know where enough cushion should be in your pickleball shoe before you make your purchase.

The shape of your foot

The second way to buy a shoe that is comfortable for your pickleball game is by knowing the shape of your foot. To find the right pickleball shoe, you have to do the following

  • Measure your feet

The first important step to take when you are finding the right shoe size is knowing your measurements. You can only tell the right size when you measure your feet. So many people have feet that have sizes that are different. To find the best size, buy a shoe that will fit your larger feet. There are also so many different types of feet. Either way, find out the correct measurements before you decide on the shoe to wear.

  • Always make sure that your feet fit

Although this point sounds obvious, it is true that you should always find a shoe that your feet will rest comfortably. Remember that you will be moving up and down from one place to another. If you do not find a show that will fit well, you are most likely to suffer during the game. That said, always find a show that fits your foot very well.

  • Be keen on the details of the shoe

Before you buy the best pickleball shoes 2019, always look for the details of the product and read them very carefully. All pickleball players know very well that fashion and style don’t matter when it comes to choosing the right shoes. What matters is how comfortable a shoe can be. To get a comfortable shoe for stability and support, you have to read the details on the shoe very carefully. That said, the product details are always very important.


There are so many shoes out there for pickleball sport but not all of them are suitable for pickleball game. You have to find a shoe that will be able to offer you maximum support and comfort if you really want to have nice gaming experience. For that to be possible, you have to be careful with your search. Look for a shoe that can offer you the comfort that you need as well as flexibility.

Hamilton Plumber: Plumbing Tips for Baths

Unloading a toilet may seem very simple, but the system that achieves it represents hundreds of years of the best efforts of human mechanical engineering. Each of the three components comprising a bathroom plumbing system – water supply, drainage and ventilation – play an extremely important role in ensuring a safe and reliable bathroom plumbing system by hamilton plumber.

Water is supplied to all appliances via a subline connected to the main water supply. Hot water (for taps, bath, shower) is supplied from a separate subline connected to the water heater.

In bathroom plumbing, the drainage system works with gravity. The waste water from each appliance moves into the trap, a P-shaped pipe that retains the water. (The water prevents toxic and flammable sewer gases from entering the house.)

Water waste comes from the trap to a vertical drain (inside the wall) and through a system of progressively larger drain pipes until it reaches the main sewer line.

The vertical drain pipe is also connected to ventilation pipes that are connected to the roof vent. The ventilation system prevents suction from slowing or stopping the drain

Problem: It does not drain water into the bathroom sink.

Cause: In bathroom plumbing, this blockage is usually the result of hair, soap, grease, and other objects.

Solution by Plumbers Near Me

  • Place a 5-gallon bucket under the trap. Loosen the two nuts on the trap; remove the trap and drain.
  • Inspect for objects; remove any debris with a small brush.
  • For clogging down the drainage system, Martin Gonzales, owner of Marvy Remodeling, a Chicago general area contractor, likes to use sink machines, known as snakes or electric unlockers.
  • They have a 5/16-inch cable (ideal for residential applications), a gun handle and a trigger like an electric drill, and a motor that makes the cable run down the drain. Unlike similar hand tools, “the cable goes in very easily,”.
  • Remove the cable and check for foreign objects.
  • Before reconnecting the trap, inspect the washers on the sliding nuts and replace them if they are worn.

Problem: Water returns to the bathtub when the washing machine is used.

Cause: In many homes, the clothes washer and bathtub share a common horizontal drain that will lead to the same vertical. Wool, hair and soap from the washer block the vertical pipe and this results in jams in the bathroom plumbing.


  • For this problem, Gonzales also uses a snake. But in this case, slide the cable through the spill drain.
  • To find the vertical drop, bend the tip of the snake cable at a 15-degree angle, advises Chuck Stephens, director of services and training at Ridgid Tool Co.
  • After passing the snake, let hot water run so it can take away any dirt.

Problem: Leaks in copper plumbing plumbing for bathrooms provided by Hamilton Plumbing Supply

Cause: Corrosion is the most common cause of leaks.


  • When it comes to repairing leaks, Gonzales likes to use the new coupler device on the market. For example, plumbing tools such as Cash Acme’s SharkBite pressure jointing system eliminates the need for flux and welding.
  • Cut the pipe directly at the drip point.
  • Drain the water.
  • Separate the pipes and insert a snap coupling over both ends of the pipe. Use a pressure tool to join the two pipes.

Problem: Tap leaks

Cause: In bathroom plumbing, faucet leaks are often caused by worn sneakers or seals. Repair techniques vary depending on the type of faucet: ball faucet, cartridge faucet, compression faucet (the most common bathroom faucet) or disc faucet. “Most of the time, all you need to do is change the washers,” Gonzalez says.

Solution (for a compression tap)

  • Determine which water source is leaking.
  • Turn off the water supply.
  • Remove the cap.
  • Unscrew handle.
  • Remove handle.
  • Use pliers to unscrew stem.
  • Remove the screw at the base of the stem.
  • Unscrew the retaining screw.
  • Install the new “O” ring, washer and stem screw.
  • Reassemble.

Problem: Water Leaking Toilet

Cause: Toilet handle sticks, bowl sticks or hits tank wall, bowl leaking, incorrect chain size.


  • If the handle sticks, loosen the mounting screw and remove any build-up with a metal brush.
  • Adjust the chain to hang directly down; replace if necessary.
  • Inspect the bowl. Remove the ball and shake it. If there is water in it, it is leaking. Replace it with a new one.
  • But most of the time, says Gonzalez, the culprit of a leaking toilet is a defective float.

Decades ago, copper pipe replaced galvanized pipe as the standard in residential construction. Now cross-linked polyethylene pipe (known as PEX) is replacing copper. PEX pipe offers several advantages over copper pipe.

To begin with, unlike copper, they do not corrode. It is also flexible, which makes it easy to accommodate structural elements and pass them through narrow walls or spaces.

In addition, it allows “plumbing from home” which means that a central plumbing manifold is used to bring parallel supplies of hot and cold water to each device, providing consistent water pressure to each device.

Do you want a good service to get your job done?

There are many good flat roofing Portsmouth options, but selecting the right one can only happen after the good research is made on the topic. Once that happens then things are much better. Some people are very confused about which service to select and one needs to think and select the best one based on their needs, which is not tough at all. So once you have made up your mind, then thing will become much easier and you will not have a problem, there are many good options in the market.

One should find ways to protect their home from various things and this is something very important. Always have a good service which can help you when you need them the most. Serving clients in your area is very important by a service and if that happens, then things will be very simple and make the process very easy and this is something very important which one need to take note of. You need a service which cans provide you service with affordable price and that is something very important and one has to take care of that which is very important. There are lots of people all over the city look for some good flat roofing Portsmouth options. But this is not something that is very easy to find and hence one needs to work very hard.

There are fully qualified people who can do the job in a very good way and get things moving in quick time. There re roofers who understand your needs completely and you can surely enjoy your time and get the service done quickly and that is the best part about it. Be very selective in getting your service company, if you make a wrong choice here then no one can save you and that is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind. You cannot ask for anything more. Read the reviews online and find a service which is really good and knows the job well and gives you good value for money you cannot ask for anything more. Keep in mind that you can find the service from the comfort of your home by look at the reviews of the website. The from there you can also ask for a quotation and that will help you to get the job done and this is something very important. Look for a service which can really help you to get the job done in quick time and this is something very important.

If you want some good flat roofing Portsmouth options, then you need to research well and find some good options which can guide you in a simple way. One of the best ways of doing that is on the internet. Once you find a good service, then the process become very simple and you will surely get something as per your needs and that is very important. One should work hard and find some solutions which can help them get the work done in a good price and with good service; a good research on this topic always helps. Once you have a good service they will be providing good results at affordable prices and that is something very important. Some of the good services are in the business since last so many years and one will not have a problem at all due to those. Once you select good service, they will help you to get the job done in quick time and make the process much easier.

Make sure, when you hiring a roofing service you check the old record and if that is clear then things will be much better and you will not have a problem. You need people who are fully qualified and also having insurance this is something that you need to be sure about. Once that happen, then you know you are in save hands. Without doing the right kind of research one should not worry about hiring a service. Any mistake on this front will surely cost you big issues; hence make sure that this does not happen at all.

Water roofing in is most famous and protecting you home completely.

Once you hire a good service, it will guide you in the right way. Get the best quality material It is suitable for all kind of roofing needs and will help one and all. Roofing if done well is completely flexible anti-rust and anti-fungus and this is the best part about it, this will last for long time. And also one should note that ac cooling enhances up to 50%, this will also help you save on lots of electricity and that is something very important. You can walk on top of the roof in a shiny summer day and enjoy if your roof is well made and strong and this should be kept in mind. If you want a good service take help of your liked search engine to look for some good reviews which can completely enlighten you on this subject which is something very important.

So what are you waiting for? Look for a good service which can help you get the job done easily without any problems and at a good cost, you cannot ask for anything more, just relax and enjoy your roof.

All you should know about EIFS – This is something very unique

When it comes to durable home construction, EIFS has been widely used since the 1970’s and has seen continuous usage as a result of its characteristic nature of providing a water-resistant finish. Water which strongly affects walls made of any kind of material can be drained out when using EIFS. If you want a good EIFS Edmonton service, then you need to research and find some good information on this topic. This is not very difficult to find you can surely get some very good responses on this. A good procession service will always help you to get the job done and will also give you good results. Once you hire a service make sure that you look for the history of the jobs done and that will make the process of hiring much simpler. There are many good products in the market and one needs to select one as per theirs needs. Also they need to look for a good service which can help to get the things done.

(EIFS) Exterior insulation and finish system is a kind of wall insulating system that provides a building finishing, which majorly functions as a water-resistant clad on the wall material. This clad or finishing helps to prevent the water damage that would have otherwise occurred if water that falls on the building is not properly channeled out. You need t take proper care and if that is not taken, then over a period of time, there could be some impact and this is something that you do not want.

Types of EIFS Adhesives

Choosing EIFS Edmonton for your building is often better than other options of building framework finishing. When starting the finishing process, you would need an adhesive to a place it firmly on the wall material. You can either use a cement based material or a non-cement based material. Non –cement based materials such as acrylic can be used for wall materials, which includes; cement boards, gypsum and concrete. This is something very popular and lots of people are making use of this. There are lots of options and one can select the right one based on their needs and it is not tough at all to get that.

Cement based adhesives would need to be applied at temperature above freezing point to ensure that its water base does not influence the plastering, such that the water and cement can become hard. This is something very important and one needs to keep this in mind. This can make your home look much better. There are many people who are very confused and may end up hiring a wrong service, which could go against them and that is the last thing someone wants after spending their hard earned money. This is something that should be completely avoided and one needs to have good solutions to their problems. This can happen with some good research in quick time and will not have a problem.

Types of EIFS – good for one and all

On using EIFS Edmonton, you should know that there are majorly two types, which is basically differentiated, by the material that it is composed of;

  • Polymer Based (PB)

The polymer based EIFS uses an expanded polystyrene insulation to firmly adhere to its substrate. It is quite popular in regions like North America. The EIFS Edmonton is very popular and many people are making use of this and this is becoming more and more popular s the time goes by.

  • Polymer Modified (PM)

This type of EIFS uses an extruded polystyrene insulation. This is the composition of the most widely used EIFS today for building. It also gives you a water-resistant barrier which is designed to cover the substrate. This is something very important and gives very good results. You need to look for a solution to make the process much easier.

To get the best out of this system, sheathing is first installed, which could be a gypsum sheathing, plywood or stand board. Then a cavity is created, after which the layers are added, to formidably ensure that water does not come close to the main wall. Keep in mind that once you go in for a good EIFS Edmonton, service then that will give you very good results and you will never have a problem. Many people are very confused about selecting the right service, but once you dot eh right research then you do not need to look anywhere else. You can very easily get things done. A service would help you a great deal to get he task done. Many people are looking for solutions and they need a good service to give them what they want in a decent price.

Overtime EIFS has been to make building last much longer and prevent water prone damages. When compared to other forms of plastering and wall finishing, it is durable and more concrete. If you are considering using EIFS Edmonton for your home, also do well to get the best hands in the best business for proper application. This is basically a multi-layered system for walls which make the process much easier and this is something that is widely used for all kinds of building be it commercial or credential and that makes it a very good choice. Also the efficiency and great flexibility makes this a very good choice for one and all. This is a very good product and gives you great value for money.

This will walls the exterior resistance which doe help a great dealt keep the walls in good shape and is known to work well and overcome the problems of Wall drainage and this works very well in all kinds of weather and gives a very good result. Insulation board keep the wall well formulated and gives very good results of a period of time and protects the paint and also is completely crack resistant. So what else can you ask for?

Who should not follow keto diet?

Before one introduces a change in his eating habits, he should study the pros and cons of the change. There are safety issues one needs to consider as health is wealth and once lost or damaged is very difficult to regain. This article explains who should not follow keto diet, what effects one should be aware of before opting keto diet, etc.

Pregnant women

Prolonged ketosis (liver producing ketones during low carb and high fat situations) affects the brain development of the baby. It creates the risk of spina bifida – defective neural tubes

Breast feeding women

As keto diet recently emerged, there is still research going on about the effects of keto diet on breast feeding women. Therefore it is recommended to maintain a good high carb diet rather than following a low carb diet.

Hypo – causing medications

The medicines like insulin, glinides are consumed to increase the insulin level in the body. The purpose of these medicines is to reduce the sugar level in the blood. Therefore, when one follows a keto diet, which intends to reduce the blood sugar level along with the medications, they might end up facing critically low sugar levels in the blood which can be dangerous. Low blood sugar levels can lead to lowering of blood pressure, giddiness which can even stop the pumping of the heart.

Over Enthusiasts

One should never become ketogenic immediately. There are a few self precautionary questions to ask

  • Is he a brand new low carb taker?
  • Is he already doing low carb diet? If yes, what should be done to improvise it and slowly make him used to keto diet?
  • What is the person’s current carbohydrate intake level?

Out of all the tests and self analysis, one should determine his current carb consumption. If the person is not sure about his carbohydrates intake, he should use a food tracker and check on his current carb intake.

If the carb intake is 40g, one needs to slowly move into keto diet. May be he can reduce the level by 1 gram in 2 to 3 days time. If his intake is 80 grams then he definitely has to wait patiently for weeks to gradually reduce the carb intake. In due course, he has to add healthy fats. One can visit KetoSumo to learn the recipes available in different restaurants that provide special keto diet to increase the fat and reduce carbs


Keto diet is absolutely good for diabetic patients. However, they cannot follow keto diet like other healthy people. Every diabetic patient should have doctor’s approval before taking up the keto challenge! This is because one has to take the medications according to his diet. Or change his keto diet according to the medications. The recipes for diabetic patients willing to take keto diet can be found in KetoSumo website. If not, he might become hypoglycaemic (low blood sugar).

Keto diet is not recommended for

  • People with eating disorder. Eating disorder is a range of disorders that are characterised by abnormal eating habits. This often is connected with emotions and thoughts. They are in high stress and distress
  • People who are under weight. Underweight people have a Body Mass Index less than 18.5 or their weight is 15 – 20 % less than their normal age and height group. Body Mass Index is body mass divided by square of the body height.
  • People who are recovering from surgery. While recovering from surgery, the body cells should have sufficient energy and all nutrients to heal the wounds. The White Blood Corpuscles that fight against the infections should be sufficient in number. The WBCs are present in the blood and their count increases only when there is enough sugar or glucose in the blood
  • The Keto diet should be stopped immediately when a person falls sick; it can be cold, fever or even cough. This is because the body should gain enough resistance power to fight against the viruses causing the illness
  • People with serious mental health problems. This is because the ultimate aim of the ketogenic diet is to provide enough energy to the brain. This will keep the entire system active. Brain works only on carbs or ketone. So the carbs are cut down to reduce the fats in the body and give full energy to the brain. Therefore people on psychiatric medications should consult a doctor.

Persons with decreased kidney function

The persons with decreased kidney function would already have improper nutrition levels in their blood. This is because kidney fails to filter the blood properly and segregate the impurities out of the body. Such patients will have high blood urea level and reduced protein. When they fail to take a proper diet rich in carbs, fats proteins and all other nutrients, it might worsen their urea level in the blood. Also, their medicines to reduce the urea in the blood level might not function if there is no enough sugar level in the blood stream.

Persons with chronic respiratory disorders

This is because the medications given to them are to balance the imbalanced oxygen and carbon dioxide levels due to respiratory problems. If there is no enough blood sugar to help in absorbing these medicines, they might not work.

With these precautions, one should also have lots of electrolytes. This is to push lots of sodium into the body. Sea salt or Celtic sea salt is also recommended. This is because body loses a lot of water and sodium on a ketogenic diet.


Pregnant women, breast feeding women, children under the age of 18 years, kidney patients, persons with chronic respiratory disorders, mental disorder should avoid keto diet.

Airline Innovations That Will Change Flight Experience

Green air travel

As the name suggests, airline companies and manufacturers are beginning to devise concept aircraft that use a lower amount of fuel to produce higher energy output while minimizing pollution emissions by nearly 70 percent. Airplanes instead of souring energy from fossil fuels are prospectively going to be replaced with solar energy, which is highly environment-friendly and will significantly reduce transportation costs and airline operating expenses. Other options such as using alternate fuel like kerosene are being considered since it produces high energy density combined with minimal fuel consumption.

Armrest divisions

There is always the battle of who gets to place their arm comfortably on the armrest, while the other is bothered by inconvenience.  This is where the additional fixture intended to redress this issue, the Soarigami comes into play. The plastic and neoprene origami structure can easily be placed in the center of the unfair armrest, providing a wide platform to set the arms of you and the relevant party without any inconvenience.  It is believed to be released in the market soon for a minimal price of $30.

More and more screens

Instead of the typical windows and cabin walls, innovations to replace such fixtures with interactive smart displays are becoming a progressive reality. Not only is it beneficial since it significantly reduces weight and enhances fuel efficiency. It could provide better entertainment, information, and interaction with the passengers. Concepts of establishing interactive screen wallpaper around the plane can entertain and lure passengers as if in space by depicting space imaging over the cabin in a full 360-degree view.

The flying donut

Innovators are on a mission to replace the out-dated interior and exterior design of the plane due to its lack of comfort and congested atmosphere. The flying donut concept of an aircraft will have wider space and wings directly from the nose. Moreover, the seating inside will be in a circular shape or auditorium design enabling more area inside, comfort, minimize weight and emissions and maximize aerodynamics.

Convertible seating

Also known as butterfly seating, the concept seating arrangement would allow passengers to endure longer duration flights with relative ease of comfort by merely shifting their economic seats to somewhat business class like. It will lack the luxury and quality of business seating but enable enhanced comfort than the economy.

Onboard iPads


Another innovation making its way into reality is by ceasing interactive screens behind seats of the flight and replacing them with mini iPads given during the fight. Such smart displays will enable you to get online, stream entertainment, work and much more.

Upgrading first class

First class is already the most premium seating class offering impeccable luxury. Airlines are trying to take the posh and luxuriousness to the next step by establishing individual cabin bars; spa designed bathrooms, extendable beds and could even have miniature golf or bowling.

To Get More Information About The Board