4 Useful tips to get cheap flight tickets

tips to get cheap flight tickets

4 Useful tips to get cheap flight tickets

Have you ever been in the situation when the person sitting next to you discloses that their flight ticket was much cheaper than the money you have paid for the same flight? This seems quite frustrating with all the relevant research and comparison you had performed for having a cheap flight deal only to hear that someone sitting next to you on the same flight has beaten you with a fair margin towards getting lucrative flight ticket offers and cheapest flight tickets.

Let us look at some useful tips that can get you the cheapest flight tickets:

  1. Book in advance

Out of the numerous smarter ways to find cheap flight deals is booking early. It is still the best option because most of the flight tickets start at a modest price about six months before the date of the journey and then the ticket price goes on increasing as the journey date approaches. It is not always feasible to decide the date of travel at such an early stage, but if you can do that, you can win half of the battle. For this, you need to subscribe to the mailing list of most of the familiar airline companies that have flights on your travel route. This will ensure that you won’t miss any offer and have knowledge of the latest flight offers as they arrive.

  1. Look for discounted options

In today’s competitive market airline companies are bound to come up with lucrative deals and attractive flight ticket offers time and again. Most of the flights have discounted tickets to a certain extent. You’d have seen airline companies running ad campaigns and offering very cheap flight tickets on certain routes. Here also the early bird option comes into play. The quicker you book, the higher is the early bird incentive you receive on the discounted seats. Busy schedules are liable to get booked fast, so you need to act fast and secure your place before the enticing offers lapse.

  1. Be informed

You’ve already given yourself an edge over others by subscribing to the mailing list of certain airline companies. Round the corner, you can also contact the prospective airline companies over the phone to know about the cheap flight offers. Most of the time, it just requires making a phone call to get all the vital information for knowing the exact release dates of the flight tickets. Don’t be under the false interpretation that the tickets not purchased to date would be offered at a discounted rate later. That’s rare to happen because airline companies would take all sorts of efforts to avoid such a situation and reward the passengers who book early.

  1. Rewards and incentives

There are ways such as miles offered to regular members and flyers that enable you to save on your flight purchases. You can earn Miles in a number of ways; commonly they are offered as incentives for your purchases and hotel bookings. You can also receive them as a gift from someone or transfer and gift Miles to your loved ones and enable them to save on their flight bookings.

So, next time when someone next to you says he has got cheaper flight tickets, probably you will have beaten him!

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